Monk Community Perception history

Hello guys,
I’ve been looking around for a main class for a long time now, going from monk-warrior-rogue-dk-hunter… After a few ups and downs i wanna settle, and i contemplating between Monk, Rogue or DK. My question is, as a newbie, i’m only really following M+ and raid charts since shadowlands, so how was WW monk community perception in last expansions/patches? I’m pulling my weight with arms warrior currently, usually topping dps, or close 2nd, but it takes sometimes hours to get into a group. I enjoy all 3 classes (only considering DPS specs, have no intention of healing or tanking so far), and i dont wanna switch again to get into groups fast if next patch monk “gets bottom tier”. So guys, please give me some history lesson :slight_smile:
Thank you in advance.

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if you are only interested in dpsing i don’t know why you would pick a class with only 1 dps spec

Cause i like its playstyle, the dps profile, mobility and utility of the class.

Because windwalker is the most fun melee in game probably.

Go for it i say. Play what you enjoy rather than be dictated to by others perceptions.

Yeah i would, and i wouldn’t care if i had regular ppl to do M+ with :slight_smile: But since i pug a lot, community perception is kinda a factor as well. I’m leveling my monk now anyway cause my other is on alliance, and already settled on maining it next patch :slight_smile:

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As far as I know rog is one of the safest class to main. Its hard to master but its always strong. WW is usually pretty decent In pvp but medicore In pve. DK usually have atleast one dps spec that doing good in pve and pvp.
So from safest to less safe:

  1. Rog
  2. Dk
  3. Monk

My personal opinion about most fun to least fun

  1. Rog
  2. Monk
  3. DK

If you dont want to bother learning every day reading guides and watch streamers to learn something new pick DK.

But overall play what you enjoy the most none of these sounds bad to main.

Just go mage and get it over with.

I tried playing Hunter, but being ranged feels so disconnected from the fight compared to melee (in M+). You are staying far away, dealing with a mechanich once in a while, which usually just makes you step aside 2 steps… I used my utility as much as i could (bursting/binding shot, trapping), but its just feels meh to me. Thats why i only wanna main melee. Feels better

I agree with this sentiment. :slight_smile:

Monks are one of the most fun melee spec in the game; right now they have really strong ST target dmg and AoE.
Maining a Monk DPS can be a risk in my opinion, not many times they have been this good in raids. Guilds mostly brought BM monks in the past; BM is really good for raids overall and brings mystic touch replacing WW if the spec is not good enough (which is not the case this patch).

If you’re mostly interested in M+ rogue is definitely a good pick.
Rogues will never be bad at M+ because of the amount of utility they bring. Their utility is valuable and they rarely have bad DPS.
The insane amount of utility rogues bring to a dungeon is not as valuable in raids, however rogue is not a bad main choice in my opinion.

DK is a bad pick if you want to main M+. DK have two good specs for M+ but other DPS classes bring more advantages and better dmg.
For raids DK is good because of AMZ, AMS, IBF and naturally being a tanky melee spec and having good dmg.
Personally tho, I wouldn’t advice anyone to main DK (and I’m a DK main) if your main focus is not raiding.


How wrong can you be?