Monk in pvp

Is great fun! I like how rsk does good dmg and sweet crits. Also with the pvp talents like the one that gives haste on tiger palm. You channel fof really fast and boy does that feel good!

I finally found my main guys haha

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Unless you play MW, in which case it deals 2500 damage on a 12 second cooldown despite being a melee ability, whereas a Resto Shaman can spam 5000 instant lava bursts from range all day long.
Gotta love the 600 damage Tiger’s palm, too. Just a blast, whether it’s in PvP or in the open world PvE. Wasting 1.5 second of GCD to deal 600 damage is my idea of fun in a video game.

Yeah WW is fun :smile:

And i have a ton of decent transmogs from playing my rogue and druid so win win

How do you deal with CC, especially if not Orc/Human.

Basically it’s just sap, stun, fear, frozen, repeat and appearantly nothing I can do about it.

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Orc master race

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