Monk talent feedback

I have had a look through the new dragonflight talents this morning and there are two things I really wanted to say.

  1. Windwalker - Please drop bonedust brew. Its a clunky ability that just adds another layer onto our already lengthy AOE setup. I dont mind having some setup but anywhere from 4-8 GCDs before you even start doing significant damage to a pack of mobs is frustrating.

  2. Mistweaver - Please do something different with chi-ji. This ability is also frustrating to use and feels very underwhelming for a major CD. It relies on you being in melee to get the most use out of, which isn’t always possible (especially at the times when you most need it! ). It also burns through mana. I know it wasnt very interactive but I actually prefered the BFA version where you just pressed the button and watched the bird whizz around the room!


I can’t speak to your WW comments, but for MW:

It relies on you being in melee to get the most use out of

It is designed for fistweaving, perhaps run yu’lon instead?

It also burns through mana

Again, if you’re properly fistweaving it gives free enveloping mists thus free enveloping breath?

feels very underwhelming for a major CD

It’s a very strong CD if you understand how enveloping breath works if I’m honest.

Without trying to come off condescending, I’m happy to help you if needed with playing MW

I have been fistweaving for most of this expansion. I have had plenty of playtime with it
I understand how it works I just dont like it :). The number of times ive used it and then been forced out of melee by a raid or mob mechanic. Yes it reduces the cost but only if you have the time and proximity to do 1-3 GCDs worth of melee hits. Thats not fun to do when you are watching your raid burn and need to heal them. Powerful it may be. Fun and intuitive to use; it is not.

I appreciate that may be subjective but after nearly two years with the ability I feel myself cringe everytime I press the button and just think “is this actually doing anything?”


Well, if we’re talking about raids it just really isn’t the right talent choice there. Which I do think is a shame. Unfortunately, we’re somewhat locked into taking refreshing jade wind.

That said, it’s much better suited to M+. Refreshing jade wind is not worth taking in M+ and so Chi-Ji becomes the choice. You’re not wrong to say that you could get yourself in a sticky situation if you use Chi-ji at the wrong time, but I think that’s probably just a general part of wow really.

Unfortunately, I’ve not had a similar experience to you so I’m struggling to relate, because for me when I use it, I know there’s huge healing going out and with proper utilisation, I can do it all with little mana cost.

By the way, this is not me trying to suggest there shouldn’t be any changes to how Chi-Ji works but was just trying to clear up what appeared to be misconceptions.

Fair enough, last time i checked Chi-ji was the go to for both M+ and raids because RJW was too mana intensive. If that has changed I’ll give it a try. I mainly heal in raids and only rarely in M+.

I can see how it would be better in M+ as you only really need one good rotation to get enveloping breath on the whole group and then keep it up but it feels awful in raids.

I run RJW for raids and Chi-Ji for M+. No particular mana issues. Vivify and Fallen Order are my two raid cooldowns, I rely on other healers to have some too :smile_cat:

I do find that Yu’lon is unintuitive as heck and wonder how many MWs just fire and forget without ever actually getting any healing from her. I really wish she just did some heals rather than waited for me to spend a bunch of mana telling her what to heal. She’s a very expensive cooldown and when not paired with mana tea, can get me into trouble. Mostly I only use her for things like the last phase of a boss when I clearly have plenty of mana but raid damage is stacking up.


Double check Peak of Serenity but my understanding was this:

Refreshing Jade Wind [RJW] in raids to proc the cd reduction on Fallen Order, however, if your haste is too high you will burn through mana. (high haste also bugs Fallen Order).

Because RJW heals 6 allies and is mana intensive, you’ll never get value out of it in M+ therefore you take Chi-Ji.

This leaves you taking Yu’lon in raids. This does have the disadvantage that Yu’lon doesn’t give the mana reduction, but you can play with mana tea (or innervate if you bribe a druid) for those periods where Yu’lon is up.

wonder how many MWs just fire and forget without ever actually getting any healing from her.

Unfortunately, I think a LOT. Maybe now Enveloping Breath is on the talent tree people might realise it’s there rather than on page 2 of the spellbook which I assume people don’t read :sweat_smile:

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I only rarely heal as MW, partly because I dislike their big cooldowns like Chiji and Yulon so much. Chiji feels boring, and I’m probably one of the idiots who didn’t even use Yulon correctly the one time I gave it a try in LFR. :sweat_smile:

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We need to have “Jade Wind” talent on general talent tree.
and merge “rushing jade wind ” and “refreshing jade wind ” to one talent
To have and damage and healing in one talent and cost only energy.

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