Monk transmogs

So this might not be the right time to bring this up since everyone is crying blood over the talent leaks but…
Could we maybe get some monk transmogs that wouldn’t be asian styled? Sure the european monks arent known for their fashion taste but im not a huge fan of asian style in general and having a straw hat for every tier set is sorta lame.
Maybe some gothic inspired sets?
What do you guys think?

Not all the hats are straw hats, you mean the cylindrical style ones as per my current set? You can just mix and match anything set wise, no? Like make some sort of ‘ninja’ set or a naked guy with two fish on their back :man_shrugging:t2:

You’re talking about a Class, that is litteraly inspired by Asian Monks, hell the entire expension they got implemented with was Asian themed. I mean, if you want Goth, you could just put on Clothes that are all black, no?

Aren’t priest basically European monks?

(Pardon my ignorance on the topic of religion.)

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I’m not overall opposed to seeing some diversity in the set design, but we literally got the Nathria set this expansion for the Gothic theme and the tier sets for Sepulcher, Tomb, Nighthold, Blackrock Foundry and even Siege of Orgrimmar had barely any signifiers of “Asian style.” In my opinion Blizzard has been doing a really good job with the Monk sets, diversity-wise.

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