Monopoly over the Alliance Auction house


Dear Blizzard and fellow players of Razorgore Classic server.

I currently hold the monopoly on a majority of the sales of Linen, Wool and Silk cloth on the alliance auction house on Razorgore.

Don’t believe me? Go to your char on Razorgore, try to sell either of those items and wait 24 hours. Did you get your item sold? That’s nice. Did you sell it for 1/5/6 silver? No, probably not.
I’ve sadly found a way to break the AH market into pieces and I was trying to make a ticket and a suggestion earlier tonight. But I figured that the GMs had gone home for the night and that the suggestions might take a while for a response, so I thought the forums might be a way to move forward from here and also to make a ticket tomorrow morning to explain to the GMs, perhaps they could even see it with their own eyes.

Currently I’m selling linen for something like 70 copper to 3 silver per piece.
Wool for 5 to 6 silver per piece and silk for 6 silver per piece.
And I’m making it impossible for other sellers to sell anything


Im selling those items fine. Oh and i bought linen at like 20 copper a piece earlier. And when i was on an hour ago silk was just under 2s a piece.

But please keep telling us all about your big brain


Not sure if a troll or not lol.

Why would you selling silk for 6 silver a piece, not enable other sellers to sell their silk cloth for 2s for instance?

My silk cloth usually sells within 5-10minutes, if I was to sell them.


Yeah, but no.


I guess those who never get past lvl 40 is sad about this.