Moonglade (RP) Alliance Reconnections

Tendasor, Night Elf Druid.

Was quite a noted RPer and in a few guilds I can’t remember right now. Looking to reconnect with a few people who might remember this character if possible.

Wow, few familiar faces in here now!

I’ll be on Hydraxian (obvs) with a human mage called Kathrynn. Yeah, nothing if not predictable, me :stuck_out_tongue:

Lightbeard a dwarf paladin

Guild i had a couple but only one’s that i can remember was The Gray Company and Evolution

Ill be on Hydraxian already saved three on the server but i wont be playing a paladin again getting one to 60 was bad enough lol

Names are:
Hicks Dwarf Warrior (tank)
Vyse Human Rogue
Wisp Night Elf Druid (Wisp was also my rogue name back on Moonglade)

Feel free to add me im looking forward to diving back in and making new friends again and adventures.

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Race: Night elf
Class: Druid feral
Name: Tellab

Guild only know of was in “hand of elune” , forgot the other guilds i was in , i pvped alot in vanila with my druid really

know some people names but names are hard to spell

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Apologies for the slight tangent, but is Ebon Flame still going? I was briefly with you guys in Vanilla and chatted up your priest camp throughout :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t play retail now but it would be cool to hear if the guild is still active!

haha yep, still going very strong, and now one of the oldest guilds on the server!
Heba still plays, as does Sofiana who I think have both been there since Vanilla. I think I started in EF in BC so may not have seen you.

Arnbjörn: Human male warrior

I was mostly active during 2006. Characters I remember playing and having a lot of fun with were a human female priest named Shanti and a male paladin named Aradom. I did experience some end game pve raids in classic thanks to the character Troops who was leader of a guild called Evolution and then I switched to a lot of pvp up to field marshal during the time when you still had to keep pvping to get points continously or otherwise lose the current standing.

Race: Human
Class: Rogue
Name: DarkFletcher
Previous Guilds
Vir Mortalis

I was more active during TBC expansion as I came across from a different server

Hi all, here’s my primary Moonglade toons:
Name: Aidelu
Class: Druid
Race: Night Elf
Guilds: Circulus Amicorum and Lucid Circle (apparently I was into circles back then)
If anyone remembers me from those days, feel free to wave! Many drinks were had in the Pig & Whistle with the Circulus folks. I remember raiding with my guildies in TBC in a coalition whose name escapes me… but I remember a NE priest Seisence. I did most interesting things after TBC was out , soo…

Name: Sarafine
Class: Rogue
Race: Human
Guild: House Idrial
I was so stoked to get in a proper RP guild. From House Idrial I remember the paladin Sienn, who I looked up to as the always dependable holy paladin, and Heba as the stern but fair guild leader. I think I was again a bit late to the party, but I certainly remember some RP events and group photos, which I probably still have somewhere… hopefully! (I do, I checked) There was also a human warrior whom I remember as Will, probably short for William, who was the guild blacksmith. Isonde was the guild founder who I probably only saw once at an event. Again, all my screenshots seem to have draenei in them already, soo…

Name: Marr
Class: Priest
Race: Troll
Guilds… can’t remember the names. The one I remember best had a yellow paw on red background in the guild tabard. I got to hang out with a warrior and a shaman way more experienced than me, and they were gracious enough to guide me. Fond memories. This was my first toon ever so I was still mostly clueless about things, but if we’ve interacted in a way you remember, please say hi!

I’ll be playing on Hydraxian waterlords as NE druid Irulan and Human Paladin Audrie. Hoping to find a roleplaying guild and take part in all kinds of events like in the good old Moonglade days!

Name: Moroseth
Class: Hunter
Race: Night Elf
Previous Guilds: Outlaws and Rhyme and Punishment.

Looking out for Trabahn, Gaetan and Serendipity.


Name: Dogmaa + Arthof
Class: Hunter + Paladin
Race: Night Elf + Human
I have been in so many guilds that i cant really remember but Nemesis divina i do remember…
Hello there Baranor :wink:

Name: Lanande
Class: Druid
Race: Night Elf
I used to hang with a crowd called the Shadow Sentinels when I RP’d before I had to quit due to personal reasons. Feralan, Yenlui, Kanderil, Amiel, Morthgael, Caelith: if anyone of you are still out there: hello :slight_smile:

I also raided with a bunch of different guilds in TBC and Wrath. Uuuh, on both factions. Batlin, Fiowen, and ze gang, hello hello.

Hah, no way!

“Stormwind Cavalary” was cool, but who can forget “The Lions of Stormwind”, when our egos were as comically oversized as our weapons.


Wow, talk about blast from the past! :o Heya Lanande :grin: hope all’s good with you?

Name: Morthgael
Race: Night Elf
Class: Priest
Guild: Shadow Sentinels (raided with Argent Eve/Fir Samhain)
Moved to Silvermoon mid-TBC to focus on raiding

Also played a fair bit on
Korathel - NE warrior
Aziana - Troll hunter (guild was Equilibrium)

Contemplating whether to buy some game time to check out the classic, stopped playing at the end of Wrath with a few 1-2 week visits every couple of years. Very tempted but also concerned I’ll end up spending wayyy too much time playing :smirk:

Morth! Yeah, I’m great, a lot less pompous now :wink: How’re you?

And to continue the topic: hi to to the old crew on Terenas.

Still here, folks. Same outfit and everything!


Hello there from the last remaining member of The Academy :slight_smile:


Those are some names I remember from back in the day. I was the friendly Moonkin in the community raiding group back in Vanilla/TBC. Good times!

Edit: Rather than triple post, I’ll add mine here:

I had 3 actual characters during that time, Cherwina was my main and hasn’t changed since moving to Moonglade from Earthen Ring. I’ll be playing her alt-universe self on Hydraxian Waterlords :slight_smile:

Ifine - Dwarf Paladin. I don’t remember if he was in a guild at the time, was kind of wandering around with a big axe but you might know the name.

Zaggi - Posted above but was, and still is, in The Academy though she’s now the last remaining member.


Also remember you from community raids. Seisence either isn’t playing anymore or is on Argent Dawn (been a while since I heard from them).


Name: Aelruil/Zanathon(?)
Race: Night Elf
Class: Warrior/Rogue
Guild: Shadow Sentinels and another guild I completely forgot about. I want to say The Academy but could be wrong?

I moved over to the US realms at the tail end of Vanilla to play with friends from over the pond. I doubt anyone will remember me but still cool to see so many old Moonglade players out there!

I took the name of this character I play now on retail as inspiration from someone I played with briefly who had a Tauren shaman called Onomito. Shamelessly stole the mito part.