Moonkin form not activating

I have the weird issue that my moonkin form is not activating in 80% of cases when I switch into the form.
I get the “moonkin form” buff and the action bars change, but my model does not transform into an owlkin in 8/10 cases which is highly confusing (obviously no astral form glyphed).
What’s curious though is that I have 7 druids but only my main seems to be affected by the bug (he’s tauren), might the race be the issue? Or is it some broken talent?

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It sounds more like an addon being difficult, especially as it’s only one of your druids. Your best bet would be to reset the UI to see if that fixes it. If it does, then move back the addons from InterfaceOld to the new Interface and see which one is stopping the visual change.

Forget the suggested thing from the previous post. I can confirm the same for myself and several other cases.
I originally thought it’s Zandalari issue which is what my main is but apparently it’s across all races.
Pretty common that u cannot go into moonkin form since Prepatch and I’m bombarding the bug report every day with it but it feels like it’s for nothing as one week has already passed and I cannot have my feathers.
As to who the issue gets to - I think so far I’ve had anything but Night elves confirming the problem. You just go into it since prepatch as the OP said and u change bars and everything but visually you have no feathers.
Hopefully more people report it to the bug tracker.
Sanghelios from Liquid said that this bug is present ever since one of the starting beta builds and apparently it never got fixed.
Hopefully it gets some traction and it finally gets fixed as it’s getting a bit annoying now.

It’s obviously not some addon or client setting problem, it happens on all my wow clients, my gaming pc at home, my laptop and on my office laptop with no addons installed at all.

So the only thing indeed seems to submit bug reports and hope that it’s giong to be fixed soon.

Amen! It’s really confusing to go into moonkin form and not know if u’re in one or not and double checking before convoking. Wasting precious time

I found the underlying issue: It’s the random bear glyph (Glyph of the Ursol Chameleon). If you remove the glyph with vanishing powder you will once again be feathery 100%.

So you can specify in your bug reports that this glyph is causing the issue.

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Thanks for the callout on the Glyph, Puriella, and for asking that people include that in their in-game bug reports. Details like that go a long way towards helping narrow down exactly what’s causing it on the back-end and get it sorted for everyone.

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thanks this has been driving me nuts

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Thank you so much! What a weird bug!

March 2023 - the same issue. The suggested re-call of Glyph of the Ursol Chameleon helped - thank you so much, @Puriella, from the bottom of my heart.
Reported in-game bug as well.

And just on a side note - it was so frustrating… I never thought I’d miss the feathers that much :smiley: