More leaver in s2 than s1 because of crests

new upgrade system aside, but i think the crests are causing people to leave dungeons even more now on the slight chance of not timing.

if you dont time you get less fragments which in theory seems fair? well we could argue that i still spend 30mins in that stupid dungeon to get no loot and then merely getting 4 fragments.
now i noticed that people are very quickly to leave after 1 wipe or something because they get less fragments at the end.

quitw terrible system if you are not implementing punishments.

more fun was that i had a healer in my group that blackmailed everyone to switch to heal loot spec to give him the trinket or he would leave mid run.
god awful start into the season, seriously

a) Actually give in to this blackmail
b) Just pretend you changed loot spec
c) Change loot spec but keep the trinket if it drops

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yes i did but unfortunately i didnt get any loot xD

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