Most dead of all time?

ehm what did you people expect when the everyone screams “but the game is balanced for the top players” - then no one but these will play.

This Oneshot meta is just frustrating with no learning curve, so no one is bothering anymore.
New Healer? lol cant do much if teammates dont use self cds at same global. Just frustrating.
New as DPS? Try to learn all offense setups and how to play around if you die in a second and every healer rightfully leave you.

And now again for the 4. season a melee meta with some demo locks in s3/4 in between. Have fun, you wished for it. Top 50 atm are like 3 caster.

Either Fury/ret/enh gets nerfed again or same sh1t meta for 4 seasons.

I chuckled during s3 each time I saw these “Im new to wow which heal/dps I should start for pvp” especially if heal as they are into the historys most stressful time in wow to heal the game and they asking what they should start to learn now :pray: :smile:

Idk what blizzard was smokeing but s3-s4 of systemlands I sincerely suggest everyone to just skip and steer away especially if not had played the expansion so far to begin with there is nothing they will miss out or gain now

There is nothing anybody is missing out if they did not come play systemlands season 3-4 and just go next expansion instead, I only touch this when nothing else to do and cos of habbit as been playing the expansion so far

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this season was already going to be the most dead season of all time with 90% of players gone and now they banned 50% of the arena players xD r1 cutoff will be 2600 and there will be 200 glads :rofl:

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Atleast you got what you wanted abashiri and got them all in the end.


Thanks now I keep hearing got em sound effect in my mind on repeat

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in the end, we got em.


The more they ban, the better. Boosting in PvP finally has to die.
Ban them, their linked accounts, delete gold, gear, titles, mounts and humiliate them as much as possible.

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