Most dead of all time?

Normally at this point everyone in the top 100 would be 2200+ cr already instead of the 1900 we are seeing. Keep in mind these all time low numbers are already now in place before wrath is even released. This season glad might literally go to 500 people and thats it. Officially the most dead the game has ever been in its history.


Glad this season will be more rare than r1 xD.

Actually joke aside, it’s summer and the game doesn’t add anything interesting except for good player so beginner and low exp got nothing to make them interested to play reducing the amount of people playing.

Also like said on another thread for some reason in EU people only play 2s and close to never 3s, meaning the mmr is stuck very low.

Also the gearing issue, cheese mechanic, toxic gameplay etc… Ruin the motivation of player and make them either stop or play classic.


No cap i assume there will be less gladiators than r1 last season, maybe even S1.

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Meh, it’s the same season as last. Fighting people at 1.8k who belong at gladiator.

Right now PvP just isn’t all that fun for me, and I’m sure a lot of other people feel the same. I’ll stick to my Elden Ring for now, and come back in pre-patch.


Literally playing and winning 10+ min games against AWC players at 1900 mmr it’s kinda insane how dead it is.

This season only the last 2 weeks are push weeks. even then i think it’s gonna be close for even mglads to push glad.

It’s Blizzard’s fault. They’ve given almost no incentive for low - mid range players to even play other than for that crappy seasonal mount.


True, lack of elite set is a big factor also most people are just afk till dragonflight after they announced solo shuffle ranked.

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Dead :headstone::money_with_wings:

Come back for the last weeks before prepatch


Pardon my ignorance, but did they say they’re making solo shuffle ranked. I can’t find where they said that. Probably me not looking hard enough

There are multiple places that have revealed that information but here’s something to help you out even more

https ://

Anywhere from wowhead to holinka interview with bajheera etc…

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I don’t use or go on twitter, so wouldn’t know. But thank you for the link. That’s huge

I have to sift through a load of crap on WoWhead, and I don’t watch streamer interviews. Lockfromwish kindly linked though

People asked for soloq for years wondering why retail dont have it yet since some priva servers been using it succesfully already

Then in shadowlands they kinda finally cave in to the possibility but were unwilling to add it straight up so they announced we got this solo suffle as sort of test mode which we served as a paying beta testers :slight_smile:

When people saw the solo suffle they kinda put two and two together

Later on interviews of updates for DF blizz announced it officially that we are indeed going towards ranked soloq and that solo suffle served as test grounds for how they would want to make it happen in retail

Thats the short history of the matter afaik :slight_smile:

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Exactly this, Also no updates for 6-8 months is straight up unacceptable. All 3 rogue specs were over performing and holy priest was 2 tiers above all the other healers. Absolutely 0 surprise the game is dead now

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I probably wont even bother playing this season , maybe if some feiends on b net are up to i might but as of right now why should i or anyone else care at this point the illusion sucks and so does the dirty bronze / brown dragon also no new elite mogs

Yo yeah either its last 2 weeks to push or afk all season

well it deserves to be dead.

They could have implemented DF gearing now already and revive the pvp a little bit and maybe even attempt to tune all the stupid stuff, but well they call it a day because they know most people come back for dragonfail anyways.
99% chance that DF season 1 will be also terrible


I think this is the funniest thing ever, because Blizzard and the players have been at this point at least twice in the history of WoW.
I remember the discussions in BC (the real one, not the remake) that binding gear on rating is a bad thing because it makes players that are stuck at rating quit faster and make boosting groups more popular.
After BC Blizzard decided “Ok, you were right, we get rid of gear bound to rating” and suddenly arena numbers improved, the game itself approved and most of the people were happy.

Now we are back at “Why are the numbers so bad? Why are all those high rated players are fighting me on 1700?”

I sometimes feel that people never learn at all.


Scamzzard does this all the time. They remove things because they are bad for the game just to reintroduce it as a new exciting change of content in the next expansion or the next one after. Its so lame and shows how arrogant they are, but if ppl are stupid enough to shower them with their money anyway, so why not, right?

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I assume some people who missed out on sets will play more. Tbh I wish i could get a past set instead. I reckon august is pretty busy for many people.