Most Popular - Shadowlands

Having to pre-order Shadowlands to unlock DK allied races has made them way more popular. All I see running around now are Void Elf DK female characters. More DK’s means that they are going to swamp the pvp bg’s and arena.

Is the first class you are going to create once pre-ordering Shadowlands going to be a Void Elf, female, DK???

I mean they kinda fit if you want a “It’s not a phase mom” look as there are no other alternatives on alliance

I don’t think this is to last. I mean there are plenty of belf female DK’s too but at one I made one too, how cool I thought they look but after a while I have kinda discovered that DK armor looks at least in my opinion pretty wasted and weird on petite characters.

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Females have terrible animations compared to males~ pick male and grab polearm :sweat_smile:

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