Mount voting is rigged

Big mounts are fun. Look at the brutosaur for example. XD

only used for AH no one is using it to mount and run around.does not look cool/dont see your fancy char just lame walking ah.

the zombie invasion event has been cancelled due to people whining.

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For real? And what mount voting?

Their is a poll going on where you can vote on a mount just look within the general discussion you will find it

The tree should be on fire and should have little night elfs kids running out of it’s branches, To soon?


Thanks. Nothing interesting for me but anyway, not to derail but they are really removing the zombie event?

No they’re not, ignore the forum hyperbole. They’re just in the middle of tweaking it.

Slime kitty is losing :disappointed_relieved:


:sob: :crying_cat_face:

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I believe not. However, in was nearly impossiblento navigate through capital cities in the PTR, especially as a “new player” who started on Exile’s Reach. They eventually buffed those players, so zombies couldn’t attack them. However, still, players who started in their race’s starting zone didn’t have the buff.
Yada yada like Dranaio said, it’s getting tweaked to make it playable for everyone.

I voted for the tree but it has nothing to do with nightelfs or tree huggers, and I doupt i’m the only one since there are a lot of people that are big fans of LotR. Ents are just awesome. I hope the mount is named treebeard and can talk (like the monk mount but with a growly and deep voice).

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Source please?

Flying book - just the same as ugly flying carpets we have not gonna lie :smiley: About the winning one tho - that ancient will most likely be the ugliest of all … well it’s free at least :clown_face:

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It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t sell the losing mounts on the WoW store, i mean, they would be silly not to, lets be fair, it would bring them a lot of money.


I don’t care anymore. Just got my child of Torcali and I guess I’ll use her for the major part of SL anyway. That’s the second dinosaur I’ve raised from baby, so It’s a lot more valuable than a gifted mount.


Vote as you want, only the us-forum voting will count in the end 🤷


We don’t know that the book will fly.

Whats it going to do otherwise? Roll around like a square wheel? Slamming down each side after taking 1-2 seconds to roll over the weight center?

Seems the only option is to float or flap.