Mounts that could be rewarded for collecting 450-1k mounts

As opposed to making the same thread three times in a day because one got hidden and rather than pay attention to why, you assumed your point was superior.

But so are yours! You are deluded to request/expect immediate action (in another duplicate thread, you said “1 hour to implement”) when this is by far not the biggest issue in WoW.

They’re one of those ‘if I don’t have the same opinion, it doesn’t matter’. Quite an immature approach to conversation but they’re in good company given the latest threads we’ve had across the forums!

But we don’t! You assume this is something ‘everyone’ wants. Don’t get me wrong, some of the suggested mounts are definitely appealing but some aren’t. I believe it was Jito who said to Gumbal in another duplicate thread of yours about beauty being in the eye of the beholder and variation of mounts for wider audiences…

100% agree. There will always be a difference of opinion amongst the playerbase. I don’t think this topic is unreasonable to discuss or the suggestions made ludicrous, it’s just the duplication of threads, the shutdown of any opinion that differs from them, and the lack of compromise and maturity with certain points! :roll_eyes:

Again, just because you don’t like what is being said doesn’t mean others can’t discuss it. Learn what forums are meant to be about!

Looks like i got some mount collecting to do, as im currently sitting on 91.

Wouldn’t say no to any of those in that list, especially the Stormcrow

Those duplicate threads also keep appearing

I like Simple Armory best for a nice easy overview of where to start or what I want to concentrate on.

It’s also quite nice to see your data on

You have to refresh it yourself though.

This is still one of the better guides to the bulk of mounts

I also like the addon ALL THE THINGS but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and it covers everything (transmog/achies/quests/mounts/toys etc). I have discovered a few collectibles I wasn’t aware of, just passing through zones. You can always disable it while you are not in hunt mode. There are a lot of settings so you can set it to just show the things that interest you.

My advice for anyone starting with some collecting is don’t farm too many at once, just add some to your to do list that you’ll regularly do then as you gather those add more in. Otherwise it can become an overwhelming chore and not a bit of fun on the side. Some do like the whole hell for leather approach so it’s a case of finding what suits you best.

You have problem with 2 threads about mounts in a day but 100000 threads about NOTHING are ok? 1 day on forum disappointed my expectations, I lost any hope for wow and their communnity. Deleting my important thread for 5% playerbase for no reason and keeping nothing contributing posts where you can spam with your multiple-word posts…

Puny didnt delete your threads, MVPs dont have that power, your thread will have been flagged because it was a duplicate which is against the code of conduct, a moderator will have then looked at it and they have delisted it.


There were three threads. One was hidden and removed…which you responded by reposting it again. You had the Code of Conduct explained to you and you ignored it; instead choosing to patronise everyone who has a different opinion and claiming your opinion is more important than someone else.

You claim that the needs of 5% outweigh those of 95% and brand everyone else’s opinions to be irrelevant compared to yours. In all honesty, I hope Blizzard ignore your petulant demands.

I think Vashalar is confused with how the forum works which is fair.

To give them the benefit of the doubt.

Having your post hidden by other users takes five flags, so five individuals feel your post is breaking the rules. Spamming the same topic over and over is against the rules as Epideme has pointed out.

Once a post has five flags it can no longer be flagged further and has to wait for a moderator to review and decide if it’s rule breaking and if so take action they deem appropriate.

If a moderator feels no rules have been broken, they can unflag a post so it isn’t hidden when people first open a topic. A hidden post basically just requires an extra click to see what it says. However the system will notify you that your post has been flagged.

Moderators can also decide to lock at topic if it has descended into too much bickering (insulting other players, circumventing language filter etc) and general rule breaking. They can also delist a topic, so it no longer shows. Rule breaking posts are often deleted to remove them from view. People who are actioned may also receive a time out from the forums. Those ‘forum vacations’ stack up so if a person frequently misbehaves they will find themselves taking longer and longer breaks. If you get a forum vacation you will get a notification and you will get an email confirming the reason for your punishment and a link to the post concerned.

Moderators are staff employed by Blizzard and their text appears in blue. They are the only ones with any power on the forums. MVPs post in green, we are regular members of the community who are generally helpful and polite. There are plenty of lovely regulars who are also very helpful without the benefit of green text. On the US forum the Community Council members also get their own colour, which is a kind of golden yellow.

If you are struggling with any aspects of the forums and it’s rules there is a pinned post in this forum that tries to cover all the bases.


No worries I will post it again in 7 days, now have to rest from this swamp, from veterans of wow who playing since 2008 and enjoying their own tcg, old promotional mounts and they don’t allow give something unique for real big mounts farmers who reached yours mounts collection only 12 years faster.

If you’re going to try putting me down, at least do it accurately. I have no TCG mounts.

Then enjoy the forum ban that comes with it because that still breaches the forum Code of Conduct. If you refuse to listen to other people, you’ll not get anywhere. :slightly_smiling_face:

AB: instructions are unclear … giving op some recolours

imagine farming 1000 mounts and getting a recoloured horse from 2004 :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes but u have old promotional mounts, all store mounts :rofl:.
It probably works like reporting system in Wow, only 3 reports for spam from 3 people who from some reason don’t want give mount farmers rewards they deserve for hardest effort in game than anybody
3 reports and my thread is deleted because someone want it, don’t see moderators working here.

Which is why I challenged the TCG claim - keep up. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You’ve had the rules explained above in Punyelf’s post. Five flags, marks a post for moderation, moderators then hide the thread if it breaches the CoC…which it has, which you keep ignoring. Forum members cannot delete posts from other players.

You seem to think having more mounts makes you superior in some way. My sincerest apologies that I’ve had other focuses over the years, that doesn’t make you any better than anyone else around here. :slightly_smiling_face:

But your entire thread is gone - you then reposted it all over again despite pending moderation. We already discussed this in another of your threads. Duplication is a breach.

And posting about your communications about moderation (albeit automated responses) breaches the Code of Conduct. I really encourage you to read it - it will help explain how all of this works across the forums.

3 Threads and they have looked at it :-

Big mounts collector here and his request - Community / General Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (

See the eye icon with a line through it, that means its been delisted, hover over it it explains this, ONLY a moderator can do that.

You and me both.

Insert ‘this is where I’d display my TCG Mounts if I had any’ MEME


better yet blizzard give at 1000 mounts a permanent gym-physio treatment centre suscribrtion to rehabiltiate your wrists and spine


Should also give that to people who have almost 9000 posts on the forums. Oh snap.

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I don’t think we’ll ever see them give us TCG mounts as rewards though.

Some of them aren’t even pretty they are just super rare. I really do not rate the spectral tiger mount in looks, but it’s rarity is what makes it desirable. If I was given one I’d definitely consider it one for the mount count and not much more :smile:

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