Mouse Pointer glitch

yesterday everything was fine but today I noticed that the hand mouse pointer in game have a strange glitch white square around it. all other mouse pointer, the exclamation mark or the drop bag are normal. already tried disabling addons, repairing the installation, reinstalled graphic drivers but nothing

Try deleting the games Cache folder in:
C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\_retail_

(I’m assuming it’s retail, installed in the default location on Windows).

just tried deleting the Cache folder but nothing changed

Have you anything that sets an overlay in game? Like a voice/streaming program or the graphics software. Sometimes they can cause wierd things to happen.

Have you tried the usuall delete WTF and Addons folder (not just disable them). If you rename the folders to WTFOLD and AddonsOLD (rather than deleteing them so you can restore them later if needed) and then start the game up that will reset everything so you can see if it still happens then.

If you still get the problem even with the folders renamed then i can only suggest that it’s either a bug or driver issue.

yes, also with the folders deleted the issue is still the same

Hey, same here… got a white border on the bottom and on the right side. the only “fix” is to change the size of the pointer in settings to 48x48 pixel… bad side effect: unsharp textures for all other types of pointers ingame. it’s really annoying.
wow classic all normal… just retail. OP pls tell me… are u on a insider preview of windows?

ht tp s: //i bb .co/ 6D Zh Y1g remove all spaces^^

There you go :slight_smile:

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You’re probably running a preview/insider build of Windows.(which has this bug)

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There it is. Have the same problem.

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