Move around a few talents for WW Monk In Dragonflight

I’ve had a look on the WW tree and a few talent positions are a little weird for example

  • Needing to pick Faeline Stomp to get to Last Emperor’s Capacitor makes no sence, they have nothing or close to nothing to do with eachother
  • We all know now that Whirling Dragon Punch is so close to baseline so would love to see it closer to the top where Touch of Karma are placed, and make Touch of Karma Baseline.
  • And now when we have a slot open where Whirling Dragon Punch were put Last Emperor’s Capacitor there

Other then that really nice job on the WW tree


Maybe also dont force ww monks into choosing soothing mists to take roll xD


Great suggestions! On topic of moving things around, as Jinx pointed out moving Roll to the middle of the tree so you don’t have to take a weird bad healing spell with no synergies is a good call, but I’d also take Bonedust Brew and Attenuation from where they are currently and put them into the innermost circle of Dante’s Inferno so I never have to see that atrocious ability again!

To be fair, one charge of roll is baseline, while the talent you are referring to simply adds another charge. You can get two charges of roll quite easily without choosing Soothing Mists if you select the talent Celerity in the class tree.

Feels weird we have to talent for a 3rd roll.

I like the 3 rolls, maybe just give us a 3rd roll baseline and chsnge the talent to a CD reduction of 5 seconds through soothing mists.

Then again maybe they will the fact we can talent into both 3 rolls and celerity is enough of a addition lol

Soothing mist should be replaced with “Jade Wind” talent.
“Jade Wind” talent should have and damage and healing ability and cost only energy

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