Moved from Flamelash to Bloodfang

Earthshaker doesn’t have much more Alliance pop than Bloodfang, its like 10% at most. Maybe there’s way more overall but that would just mean there’s a lot more horde than Alliance.

In terms of PVE population WoW classic log data strongly contradicts that, the difference is massive.

I’ve been collecting data based on people actually online (see the original post for an example) and the two servers are always very close in population. It’s possible there’s a bunch of Alliance that raidlog and I never catch them, but it seems more likely to me that more guilds on Earthshaker upload their data than guilds on Bloodfang and that’s skewing the numbers on that site. Either way though I think the number of players online tends to be a more useful gauge of how active a realm is, and they’re similar on both realms.

That said I suspect both servers would be much better than being in Flamelash so it probably won’t matter too much which one people pick!

So you say that guilds who are on Earthshaker are 216 percent more likely to upload their data?

Seems that way. But as of today your original statement is totally right - looks like most of the big Alliance guilds have moved from Flamelash to Earthshaker so it’s definitely busier with Alliance than Bloodfang now. Looks like it’s actually busier than Flamelash ever was (for better or worse)!

It is, sh*t’s poppin’ fam.

I want to wish the Horde a nice journey to Bloodfang

Lol yeah it’d be awful if all you guys at Earthshaker had to play on a server that had any kind of faction balance!

Moved to bloodfang, its great, smaller community means stronger connections. I feel for flamelash though. Its quite a loss for the server overall to lose all these guilds.

How is it for Horde players. Would you recomend a move there. I´ve been tryin to level up for some time and all the issues mentioned by alliance I can relate to them all, the Corpsecamping the BRD corpseruns. But was playing tonight and it was really strange first time since P2. I didnt get killed by alliance.

Yeah, Bloodfang is great for the Horde, very nice and balanced!

If you want to PVP then go Earthshaker, that’s definitely where all the action is happening. Lots of Horde guilds now moving to Earthshaker because there’s lots of Alliance to fight.

But if you’re not really interested in PVP then you might do better moving to Judgement or Dragonfang because they’re lower population servers; if you were getting regularly ganked and corpsecamped on a horde-majority server then the problem is likely to be the sheer numbers of people playing, and it’ll actually be worse on Earthshaker or Bloodfang because there’ll be more Alliance overall. The other two servers are pretty chill in comparison.

Imagine getting bullied off a server LOL

Well, Friends Decided to move to Bloodfang, so I followed. We had just been talking how strange it was to walk through Feralas with no alliance to be seen and late lvl 40´s still having world buffs. On the first minutes of walking through feralas on Bloodfang he got ganked on the bridge. No regrets its on:D

In summary:


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