Movement bug/glitch when using elevators/boats

I was in ICC earlier today and noticed a couple of bugs/glitches that happen since installing patch 10.0.5:

  • Character movement glitches when trying to get on and off the lift after the Lady Deathwhisper fight, as if there is an invisible wall in places.
  • Character does a full 180 degree instant turn when trying to get on and off the gunship.

I have disabled all addons, and reset the UI by renaming my WTF, Cache and Interface folders, but still experiencing this.

Has anybody else encountered this?


I have all experienced this issue. It does it to me when I try to get on/off lifts too. So annoying!


I started experiencing something similar with the horde gunship taxi which takes you to the dragon isles. As you attempt to cross the small platform and board the ship, your character turns 90 degrees to the left and often you can’t cancel movement fast enough, which results in falling off the tower.

The only way to safely board on foot is to tap the forward button repeatedly.

It seems to happen on any “lift” where you cross from the lift to the tower/ground/mountain etc.

I first experienced it in Orgrimmar, when taking one of the lifts up.

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Pretty much anything, zeppelin, ship, lift. Something in latest patch might be the cause because I’ve never experienced anything like this before.

Jumping or mounting up on moving vehicles like ships also causes weird things to happen.

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Glad it’s not just me then :).

Have also just experienced this on the lift in Zandalar.

Yep I’ve had this as well.

Deeprun Tram (SW and IF side), ICC, the lifts in Orgrimmar, lift in UC, zep going to Dragon Isles.

Was just thinking it was my game playing funny yesterday but when it happened again today I came to look at the forums. So It’s not just my game…

I can confirm that I have the same problems when I try to go on/get out moving platforms like ICC and Gnomeregan elevators, the boat to Northrend, the tram between SW and IF etc. etc.

Things worked fine before that 10.0.5 patch, now everything is f’ed, on both computers I’m using (and I even deleted the WTF, Cache and Interface folders, so it’s definitely not a hardware problem on my end).

It’s extremely annoyin’, I regret I subscribed (on all my 3 accounts even) for 3 months, if Blizz won’t fix this basic functionality problem in the future I won’t invest a single cent in this great-but-full-of-bugs game.

Still can’t believe after 2WEEKS this is still happening!
Took the Deeprun Tram just now and my toon did a 90 degree on me running left and coming off the tram and fell right into the track-pit.
Oh well fingers crossed for maintenance tonight.

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