Moving from flamelash

so ive heard some guilds on alliance side are transfering from flamelash to some other server? is that true? wont that break the alliance ratio even more?

The end is nigh, abandon all hope!

Yeah, yesterday was like a snowball.

Ended up speaking to 9 guilds that had either moved or were planning to move. Plus a few more that were considering it too.

8 Days left till faction imbalance is irrelevant anyway.
I would suggest changing server to BFA if you cant cope with classic

this is very interesting, why did blizz let alliance on flamelash transfer anyway, its just gonna be worse for the server if were loosing more people

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you do know what people that leave the game on a sour note dont come back. people are leaving the game till then, but why should they come back they had a horrible time the last time. being “bullied” into take a break from a game. means usally you stop playing it. take a singleplayer game if you stop in the middle and wait a week you are likely to never play it again. put this down to cant cope. is quite easy when you are not the one forced to cope

thats what i said, go back to BFA
for the record, i dont like pvp and therefore also take a break till BGs are out

Because they don’t really care about faction balance, they just want less players on the highly populated servers. They will eventually close transfers for alliance though like they did on Shazzrah, when alliance is 20% or so.
Shazzrah, Flamelash, Zandalar Tribe and other servers with severe imbalance will eventually become pve servers with only one faction. There’s nothing you can do about it really, once it gets to a certain point the minority faction will only get smaller and smaller.

Heard alot of guilds moved or plan to move to Earthshaker

Lots of the big alliance guilds have or are moving. When you make the game so unplayable for one faction, what do you expect.

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i wouldnt say its unplayable i mean venture manages somehow, all u gotta do is try harder, and that is coming from a casual player who only roams, and we all know roaming solo is impossible, but i manage… somehow… sometimes…

When you have limited time to play then losing 80% of that time just being a corpse makes it unplayable

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depends on how much time you have, if its 1-2 hours per day, u shouldnt be playing classic. if its more u can definitely find groups

True, there’d be no point in continuing raiding, leveling alts, or playing any aspect of the game really. It’d eventually be left with few stubborn guilds or die out completely on Alliance side.

Unlucky lads, I hope your new server works out.

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