Multi-boxing Rules


Hey guys

I’m very curious about multi-boxing rules and terms.
I want know what cause that a multi-boxer get banned.
Plz I need complete article about it, if you help me i will appreciate that.

Good Luck.
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Dont think there is any tbh, but the norm when it comes to using multiple characters is that you dont use it to get an advantage in pvp ( bgs, arenas ect ) or run any botting script that makes the game play by itself ect

I know, im useless but i tried!


Pvp doesn’t work that well anymore after the follow being disabled.
The scripting is against ToS. It needs to be human input.

I’ll clarify the scripting a bit more. I’m not entirely sure, but if memory serve me right; The scripting where you control several characters with one key board is allowed.
Just no automated scripts.

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Fully allowed in terms of TOS, though a lot of people argue its pretty much botting, to which i agree. But you know, more power to them.

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as long as it doesn’t break the already mentioned ToS by being automated etc, blizzard wont do anything about it. they are getting two, three, four times the money for just 1 player. they will allow this till the cows come home.

it is annoying for non multiboxers though. tonight i was in nazmir watching a multi boxing hunter (4 hunters) with 1 monk tank (taunt totem) spaming one of the grind spots for the mount that drops in nazmir. that means less chance for me or other players grinding in such a spot.

i do find it a bit strange though that someone is willing to pay for 4 accounts every month and buy 4 copies of the game to be able to multi box. its their own money and they can do what they like but it seems like such a waste.

but yeah again, blizzard wont stop this while they’re getting all the $$.

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