Multiboxers Are Ruining the game

Ok this is enough, its ridiculous how you permit multiboxers to play, but even worse when it ruins the gameplay that im paying for, 2 points that arent good,
1- they clear a herb node in one click so anyone else cant get it,
2- they insta get agessive if i go near a node and killing players almost insta (getting 6+ Balance druid cast on you…) so besides they are mutiboxing they are now interfering with my gameplay and thats my money they are interfering i have multiple screenshots of them.
But im here asking why blizzard allow this, wow i forgot, because multiboxing gives more money to them so lets allow ppl to multibox and interfere with ppl that just want to enjoy the game.

I didnt mind when they multiboxed for leveling boosting chars or for farm if that didnt interfere with the gameplay of others, but now they just dont care, i cant even farm cause they clear the nodes empty and if i get near one and they arrive i get nuked by 7 bots.

More than 10 years of a game and still cant get a way to make multiboxers unavaible ? yeh sure …
The income for multiple account is better than letting players have fun…

He isn’t interfering with your gameplay because he isn’t going out of his way to kill you or stops you from doing certain things. He is simply farming herbs which he is entitled too because he pays to play the game in his own way just like you do. You said he kills you when you go near him! Why go near him than? Why not turn the PVP setting off? I personally hope he managed to kill you numerous times because you sound more than just simple minded

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