Multiboxers breaking the game

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Blizzard disabled the follow option because of multiboxers in battlegrounds.
So if they found a way back in they must have a different setup. Potentially with third party software to copy the movement.


I dont think its ok for you to post ppls names and screenshots, I might be wrong ofc.

As to multiboxing, he has paid for 15 accounts (which is stupid in itself) and doesnt use forbidden softwares, he does absolutely nothing illegal.

Do I think its fun to have multiboxers ingame? Hells no, but as long as they are paying and arent using software thats not allowed, theres nothing wrong.

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is it not agaist forum rules to put names in threads ?

No it is not.

This player needs to be banned. Anyone that has played against them will tell you that he is probably using software against ToS to manage that many accounts.

It’s not fun getting death gripped into 10 immortal DKs who are being healed by 10 shamans.

This is just cheating.


Naming and shaming constitutes harassment

Accusing named or otherwise identified individuals, guilds, etc. of dishonourable behaviour, such as cheating or “ninja looting”, will lead to post/thread deletion and a suspension. While such warnings may sometimes be warranted, allowing targeting of others in such a fashion is open to abuse and thus not allowed. You may present your point of view while preserving the anonymity of those involved, and let the reader decide whether to contact you for details.

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Sorry but yes it is.
Welcome, Please Read


lols whats the odds we replayed the same time :smiley:

Rather silly there are multiple forum rules but whatever, I edited the original post to make it follow the posted guidelines.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Without Multiboxers the Resource-Prices would be even more ridiculous than they already are.
I love them. They make it possible for me to level two professions instead of having to gather stuff (which I find mindnumbingly boring).


Yes they make resources cheap Hooray!

So cheap infact that gathering for normal players is literally useless, because you will never make any noteworthy gold whatsoever from anything that isnt raw/AH flipping ever again!



In prepatch hits live i will be selling level 50 (120) Legenderyes in AH. :stuck_out_tongue:
Easy gold.

I’ve come across that Mechagodzila. Pathetic creature makes the game unplayable. And with his multibox ability spam basically lags everyone out.

It’s a shame Blizzard allows these pathetic creeps to operate. Perhaps we need to find ways to grief them out of existence?

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I’ve discovered recently while levelling Wow has actually become World of Boomkins. Everywhere you go 5 boomkin multiboxers botting, spamming sunfire and starfall. 4am in Silithus? boomkins, Hellheim? boomkins, hell even in the current BfA zones you can see it sometimes.

All the tools are there to help botters, aoe looting, shared looting, dynamic respawns, spells without facing requirements. Hell they even botted mounting up to sell.

Now eventually Blizzard will probably get around to banning them but not after they’ve already wrecked the economy even more and made levelling a pain in the butt (instant mob respawns and tagging whereever they are).

This is what players trying the new player experience are going to encounter. If I was a new player and saw this everywhere I’d just quit immediately.

Blizzard have always been one step behind when it comes to keeping on top of wow cheaters, botters and exploiters, isn’t it about time that changed?


who farms BFA zones ? the legion zone skins are the once what will sell best in prepatch.

I agree, the game is noticeably more laggy when he is around, probably due to the number of scripting algorithms he is using.

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There are plenty of ways of dealing with resource prices if there’s not enough being gathered. In BFA terms, Hydro/Tidalcores could be tradable for resources at a vendor, nodes could give more yield, recipes could require less, or even (and this is my favourite) retire the dated notion of needing to pick between gathering and crafting professions - let us have 2 “artisan” slots and one “gatherer” slot.

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All good ideas, none of those will ever make it ingame though.
Blizzard loves their characterbound crating-materials and their reliance on Twinks for farming.
Anything that gets you to spend more time ingame.

The only reason Multiboxers exist is to farm huge amounts of gold though resource collecting or boosting. That gold is also not to “buy” a Long Boi or WoW tokens for game-time. He/she is already running multiple accounts and paying multiple subscriptions to be able to do this. The money they spent on that could have been used to buy WoW tokens and traded for gold.

That gold is being sold for real money RMT in the real world, the same thing the Gallywix community was doing. Blizzard if you want to find and stop RMT start by looking at the multiboxers.


Don’t agree, I’d say a minority of Multiboxers would perform RMT, but sure some do.

Regardless of what the reason is, there should never be more than 3 accounts playing at the same time, on an IP. Like in what situation does that happen.