Must be a new bug

I cant open any chest in Pandaria, it just wont let me why is this? I see everyone else opening them, but for some reason I cant ??? + I have a daily to finish which involves collecting chests

Does it give a reason? For instance does it say : you cannot loot that right now? Or does the chest disappear when you’ve apparently looted it? Could be sharding if that’s the case meaning someone on a different shard got it first and you are just being really unlucky or as you say it’s a bug.

I’d send a bug report or open a ticket to make it known to them so it can be sorted though.

Literally nothing, and it turns out I am not the only one with the issue others are complaining as well.

It does sound like a bug, there isn’t really much help I or anyone here can give other than advise to send an ingame bug report which is the most frustrating answer I know.

Sorry I can’t offer more help.

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It’s fine, I got the Rajani mount anyways it calmed me down. Thanks though

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Ever since Bfa tons of bugs appeared.
And 8.3 came with even more.
Theres not a history in wow with so many bugs.

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