Must have DK changes after plate nerf

Unholy : Give boneshield back to unholy and make it so every time you pop a wound it gives you a charge of boneshield. Either necrotic strike should make a return or your pet should apply the absorb instead of wasting an honor talent to get it.

Frost : Give unbreakable armor back to this spec otherwise this spec is a complete garbage in pvp. It needs mortal strike from either Killing Machine obliterates or a stacking MS from remorseless winter similar to DH’s blade dance which is aoe. The spec needs to move away from being a setup based spec and must become a complete single target. Death & Decay should never be in frost’s rotation. It should only be used to stop drinks and stop the enemy from getting stealth.

For all specs : Return of blood, frost & unholy presences.

I know we don’t have pvp devs but I hope somebody reads this. ty ty ggs < 3


One interesting thing is
The hunt 1.5m cd can do up to 1mil dmg with hit and after dot ticks
Elysian decree can crit up to 250+k aoe 1min
Both of these are brought from shaldowlands
While dk got only abo limb 2mincd 100k dmg how is that balanced.
So not only abo limb have a lot lower dmg also cd is bigger and grip mechanic is nerfed to 1pull.
The hunt mechanic is same it works like charge but making insane dmg


yeah DK is absolutely bonked, i can’t fathom how Blizz are being so damn useless and smooth brained whit all the got damn DK feedback that has been given but hey we needed that armor nerf in pvp we were not dying to physical damage fast enough


dont forget the funny total balans choices of cold heart and sindras fury 70% reduced damage in PvP.

been the case ever since a hotfix in legion, because a mage/rogue dev main got rolled by them in PvP

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