MVP is misleading and should be removed

Doesn’t make the system any less corrupt.


Pot calling the kettle black.

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MVPs should be a pillar of the community’s voice, certain people whose voices reflect that of what we think, not what Blizzard wants us to think.
A voice they can trust to take advice from to gain feedback, not a voice to try and soothe the anger rising as they make mistakes.


Agreed. It’s nothing but social hierarchization of forum posters, as if MVPs were better people than the rest of users.


By “what we think”, I presume you mean what you think? :stuck_out_tongue:

“We” don’t agree on hardly anything. My mind is completely blown that anyone can defend scaling, yet some people do - and I think they’re presenting their honest opinion, not just unthinkingly supporting Blizzard’s decision. And let’s not get into flying.

Anyway, I don’t want anyone else speaking for me; I can do that myself.


No, it doesn’t, if you’re looking for reliable answers to whatever question you may have, you contact Customer Support directly.

Unlike this.

No, it’s because of what it indicates to all that contribute to the forums.
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See?..what is the point in Turintan responding to Jalisco?


A gnome. We need more gnomes.

We need a Goblin! I’ll go run campaign now and fix this mess.
Disclaimer: Fixing mess may only include posting cat pictures and gifs.

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Taramis here. A goblin is needed you say? I can supply! MVP Whisky! What everyone needs.

No, i mean what we think, put it up to a vote

But you know, whatever, if you want to twist my words…

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We have 2 choices…

Either we have a brutal campaign where we slander each other for all we’re worth or we can go the boring route and engage in a coalition where we both reap the benefits.

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Why not both? A rivalry coalition. We slander each other relentlessly, and get rewards for it. I mean… that works, right? Definitely!

I vote for Punyelf. Oh look, she made it, was a good vote, my vote counts as many. So you know, that’s good!

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You know what, I like your style! Well not your transmog style though. You’re completely hiding your chin! How are you going to seduce those orcs if they can’t see your chin.

I will definitely be changing my Transmog soon. This is just a placeholder. Though a scarf is good in winter, plate I grant you, but warm all the same!
As for Orcs, I have an axe. Orcs like axes.

Im not an MVP or anything. I was just trying to reply t someone and tried to save them some time. I never said i was customer support or whatever. And you cant expect people who get MVP to know everything. I don´t get the salt but it´s fine by me : P


@Someoneelse Very weird and, creepy? thing to do.

@Jito Thanks for the insight. Very interesting.

That needs some foundation for credibility… or a Forum vacation.

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I think how we need a democratization of the way how MPV are chosen. In my opinion those should be active people on the forums, helpful to other users with a good knowledge of the game itself, objective and they should be the ones which should represent the views of majority of the players in the game just like the politicians in a way.

For some of the current MVP-s I can’t really see a reason why they have been chosen since they haven’t really contributed to the community more than some other posters, some aren’t even very active on the forums and some in the a lot of threads are taking very subjective views and than advocating them as a facts and that by using their MVP status.

The MPV-s which I remember here for the good work over the years are Shammoz and Danellos, always eager to help the members of community when they needed the help with something, usually very objective and constructive to the topics in which they have posted and respectful to the members with different views.

The system which I would like to see more and which would be more accepted by the community as a whole would be if Blizzard would offer to the forum community the names of the few candidates openly for such positions with perhaps a good reasons why those people are nominated and then offer to the community to vote for the ones which should be MVP, in that way we would get the MVP which would have the backing of the members of the community here and as such they would have been more respected and their views would be more valued. And that would be better than what we have now when the entire process of the selecting them looks more like they did come from some secret privileged circles by which they were picked than the democratic selection itself.

Why would it be creepy and weird. It’s a statement from a former MVP that they are not normal posters, they have a direct line to Blues and get considerable compensation for being MVPs.

Contrary to what they (used) to claim.

I just love the way players here generalise about the word community.

There is currently a system in place on the forums that now monitors player activity as they involve themselves and post here. So here is the thing… just be honest to yourself, be honest in your posts, be supportive of the game whilst being subjective and critical of content if is causes you issue. And maybe, just maybe you will get your reward and be offered the position as MVP.

I prefer the decisions about player representatives being in the hands of the forum moderators and game owners. Players come and go and therefore it is important to have loyal active game subscribers who have a proven track record and are here for the long haul. Again I applaud the current system and I am 100% behind all those that take up the mantle and fight the good fight for this game.

Well done one and all.