MW 9.1 change


  • Bonuses that affect spells which proc our Mastery “Gust of mists” (like legendaries) should also increase its healing as well by some %


  • “Gust of Mists” should affect targets cleaved by Vivify for same % vivify does.


  • Reneving Mist should proc “Gust of Mists” when it jumps to new target.

I don’t know why this wasn’t already implemented and numbers tweaked around it, oh I know, because its Blizzard… And thier 90IQ…

The Monk designer (Chris Kaleiki) left blizzard Nov 2020

Was he the one who designed the monks from start or?
I mean if you got a spec that is in problem, and also got an employee leaving their job, thats some upper level circus going on there…

Mastery could have been reworked too instead, to work like “combo strikes”

  • your vivify, EM and REM heal % more if they are not repeat from previous ability. Stacks X times