Mw leggo for 2s

Yeah I know no one really plays MW etc etc. However I’m just wondering which leggo people would tend to use? I quickly crafted the escape to reality one (lower port Cd) as my monk is awfully geared, 36k hp. Is it worth sticking with that or swapping to the stacking mana reduction cost one?

‘‘Cloudet Focus’’ is the way to go for Arena. You don’t need anything else.

‘‘Sephuz’s Proclamination’’ vs Rogue+Mage (If you’re an orc only)

‘‘Escape from Reality’’ can be used vs Windwalker effectively ( and anything that is training you ) but is not that usefull anymore since we have Eminence-Talent now.
I think combining EfR and Eminence-Talent is good but you need Cloudet Focus to heal your partner

Thank you mate - I’ll swap out to the healing one once I’ve got a little more gear then :+1:

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