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During Legion I made a long post on the forums regarding Mistweavers and what I had found after doing the beta and having raided and done m+ after 6 months. I actually got a reply from one of the devs and was surprised that they actually read our feedback. Forward many many years later and not a single thing that was discussed has been improved. I love this class and want to see it succeed however the ineptitude of the people working on this spec continuously blows my mind.

You have had so many years of feedback from the best Mistweaver Monks in this game (not me, I mean players who are amazing healers, from various top guilds) and you’ve chosen to do absolutely nothing about it.

I wanted to give a somewhat depressing view of things simply by pointing out the differences between us and one of the two best healers in the game for all content (Holy Paladin being the other)
This is what we are up against every time we sign up to raid with our guilds or sign up for a mythic+. I haven’t considered PvP in any of this, I’m talking solely from a PvE point of view but I know things aren’t good for us in PvP either.

R.Shaman — MW Monk

Ranged Interrupt — No
Bloodlust — No
SLT — No
AOE Stun — Leg Sweep
Insane Damage (vesper totem) — No
Mana Sustain — No
Healing Tide — Revival
Self Res — No
Team Res — No
Earth Elemental — No
AOE slow — No
single target slow — No
purge — No
tremor totem — No
Spirit walker’s grace — No
Great Movement — Yes
40% self dmg reduction — 15% self dmg reduction

Out of the 17 things that I mentioned there that makes resto shaman great, we have 4.5 of them and absolutely nothing else.
We also have the worst talent choices out of every healer, so many of the things that we have to talent into should be baseline spells (and used to be until you decided for some stupid reason to make us talent into them) and should be replaced with something actually interesting and helpful.
The talents I would like to see be baseline :
Ring of Peace, Tiger’s Lust, Mana Tea, Chi-ji, Rising Mist.

We also want to see a return of Chi, giving us a different resource other than mana to play with similar to Holy Power for Paladins. The fact that this was ever taken away is another travesty for Mistweavers.

How this has been allowed to happen is genuinely beyond any kind of sane thought process.
There has to be reasons for this.
Do you just not have anyone working on this spec?
Do you even test your specs when designing them?
Do you personally play resto shaman and holy paladin and are so bad at this game that you just decide to buff all of their weaknesses just for your own gain?
Do you pay any attention to the feedback that we give you?
Do you have any plans of ever allowing the likes of Holy Pries and MW Monk be the meta healer, even if just for one expansion?
Why is balancing the healer side of this game so difficult for you?

It is such a shame that it has got this far. This game design of hps healers vs utility healers needs to stop because utility will always win out and that has been proven in every single expansion you have ever released. At the end of the day, the utility healers can do just as much healing as the ‘hps healers’ which makes this type of spec design absolutely redundant.

All the best, from a Mistweaver who has been trying to stay positive for more than 7 years


You have some very good points in your post that I agree with, especially the parts about Chi and talent selections.
Mistweaver talents are insanely boring as you mentioned, and very shoehoned - rising mist, ROP are 100% mandatory - make the spells baseline. Tiger’s lust could be baseline, but I’m not to concerned with that one personally.

Chi being removed with the reasoning it makes healers to complicated, only to later give holy power back to paladins is a big mystery to me. Unfortunately we do see a pattern in certain specs getting extreme attention compared to others (fire mage, moonkin, havoc dh, holy paladin) - while mistweaver has slowly gotten objectively worse to play, tuning disregarded.

In Shadowlands, for me at least, Mistweaver is an insanely bad designed spec that’s solely carried by the incredible design that is the baseline Monk abilities (roll, tiger’s lust, kung fu melee, transference, leg sweep, paralyze)


Why we can’t soothe?
Zen power? meditations, soft and calming paws at least???

And zero damage reduction…

/cry in mistweaver/

Blizzard just announced they are going back to the drawing board with the resto shaman tier set bonus that is coming in 9.2. Ours is just as bad if not worse (when on earth does a monk stand still for 10secs?) than theirs but sure, lets make one of the strongest healers in the game even better, you know, cos they obviously need it. Its so moronic.

Here are some I came up with in about 10mins

We really need our 2pc and 4pc looked at please devs. They are so vanilla and do nothing to improve the spec.
Here are a bunch of set bonuses that I came up with in around 10 mins.

2pc - The damage of your next two Rising Sun Kick is increased by 250% after using Thunder Focus Tea
4pc - Overhealing from Renewing Mist, Essence Font and Enveloping Mist adds a shield for 75% of the overhealing done

2pc - Casting Essence Font reduces the cooldown of Revival by 5sec
4pc - While your celestial is active your healing is increased by 20%

2pc - After using Thunder Focus Tea the channel time of Essence Font is reduced by 50% and it costs 0 mana
4pc - Spinning Crane Kick hits each target twice (the second hit can not crit)

2pc - Every 20secs gain ‘Renewing Vitality’ which makes your next Vivify instant cast and cost 0 mana
4pc - Mana Tea lasts 100% longer

2pc - Rising Sun Kick reduces the cast time and cost of your next Vivify by 50%
4pc - Enveloping Mist deals 50% of its healing as aoe damage within 10 yards of the target while in combat

2pc - After casting Essence Font your next Spinning Crane Kick and Rising Sun Kick deal 500% extra damage
4pc - Gain ‘Walk the Mists’ - 1.5 min cd intant cast lasts 15sec - Walk among the mists of Pandaria. Each party/raid member gains an absorb shield for X amount. Casting Essence Font adds X absorb to each shield. Casting Rising Sun Kick adds X absorb to each shield. Casting Renewing Mist adds X absorb to each shield. The absorb shield lasts after Walk the Mists 15sec duration has ended.

2pc - Gain Avenging Wrath
4pc - Gain Power Word: Barrier

Obviously that last one is a joke.

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