Mw pvp 9.1

Any experienced monks that can give some input as to how the current 9.1 notes look for MW?

What is the current reason we almost never see any in arena or rbg.

Does 9.1 adress their issues in a reasonable way?

If not, what do they need?

  • Eminence (PvP Talent) has been redesigned – Transcendence: Transfer can now be cast while stunned and its cooldown is decreased by 15 seconds if it is cast while not stunned.

In my opinion, one of the main weaknesses of MW monks that it is always dying in stuns and you cannot do anything with it. All other healers has something to press in stuns to decrease incoming dmg, monk has nothing. This change however should solve this issue so I am looking forward to see this.

If I compare MW to other healers, the main other problem that it cannot really help his teammates, it is just a healing bot.

  • Way of the crane is removed so I cannot do DPS
  • There is no spammable CC like Mind control, Hex, Cyclone etc. Also stun is reduced from 5 to 3 sec which is too short, it doesn’t worth to use it because I just screw up DR.

On the other hand, I think the healing output and mana management is great and it has few comps to play, ie caster cleaves that can defend monk during stuns.

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Misweaver in pvp feels like blood dk with 50% less hp.