My 2 cents on the new shadow tree

Mind Sear should not be our aoe spender, it just needs to be baked into Mind Flay with no special way to activate it, like in BFA. It could easily generate 18 insanity over the duration on main target and then 6 over the duration on secondary targets. And then replace Mind Sear with Cascade as our spender

Void Eruption and Dark Ascension needs to be instant cast. Why would you add a cast time on those? When considering every other burst ability is instant and off GCD

The target cap on the mass application of Vampiric Touch, needs to either not exist or it should be way higher ~10. Otherwise we’re gonna feel like all melees did in 9.0 when the fire mage just exploded the entire dungeon with Flamestrikes, the only difference would be that we’re alone and they weren’t. The perfect tuning-knob here would be Psychic Link. Or ofc VT gets massively buffed but can only be applied to 4 targets, but that would just feel bad


yes, please.

Also, it might be a little early to talk, since things are still likely to change
but right now, Dark Ascension is just another coolddown we also want, since it’s more damage on top of Voidform. Changes aside, I’d personally like to see something like the two being a choice node, so you choose one or the other. Not that I’d hate just having another 20% damage on top of my Voidform… :sweat_smile:

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100% agree, at least while they have the cast time and are in the same branch of the tree. It’s seems kinda wasteful casting both, seeing as it’s a cast that could be used on damage rather than another CD. And Void Eruption’s damage isn’t enough to justify it really either. But at least they streamlined all of our CDs to 2 min

They should revert Mind sear and make it prox with mind sear insanity the thing that buff Devouring on mind flay should also buff mind sear it should be like it is now in shadowlands

then this class would be a bit more fixed. The current beta shadow its not even worth taking half the talents because mind spike hits less than mind flay and mind sear is garbage as a spender .

Also why is our dps CDS Dark Ascension and Void form still a cast time even halo a cast time someone at blizzard must really have it in for shadow they should be instant cast.

You can’t in beta cast Mind blast while you channeling so blizzard must really step up their game like come on how hard is it. Are processes empty`?

This version of shadow is the worst

They should bring back cascade as a spender problem solved :stuck_out_tongue: like we work to fill that insanity why don’t we get rewarded with a big damage thingy blizzard are so daft.

If this was our aoe spender i like it. I think no one at blizzard plays shadow.

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