My 2 cents

I’ve been playing warlock since classic. I’ve come back each expo to check it out.
Tbh in the last few expos locks just don’t fit, and i think “fit” is the exact word.
Super sad to see 'em in this state. I think the game just outgrew warlocks as a concept. Mongo melee seems the way to go.

I’ll give 2 claims with examples.

  1. Locks don’t work in pvp.
    a) I tried destro, if i free-cast i can dish out decent damage, but anyone who has ever stepped in an arena knows this is a big “if”.
    So to reiterate: with the biggest IF in the game, i can do decent damage. Not great, not op, but decent. Because of the nature of PVP / Arenas casters have situational damage due to LoS, which melees don’t care.
    Dest Locks are hit super hard, because of 80% dmg comes from static casting, very very far away from doable in pvp.
    If anyone starts attacking you your dmg drops 50%.
    b) Tried affli, in a 2min 3v3 arena i wasn’t hit for some reason and i kept dots on 3 targets + MR spam (max pvp gear/dmg). Game ends, my teammate (Unholy DK) who was hit all the time and had chasing his target moments did ~70% more total dmg than me , LOL ? This is bad to an unfathomable level. 3 dotted targets + uninterrupted spender spam does almost half the damage of any melee hitting less targets? Lmao.
    c) Can’t say much about Demo, haven’t played it

  2. DOTS / CHAOS BOLT. Both feel bad.
    a) DOTS – As in my pvp example, dots are super underwhelming. A literal 100% dmg buff and 100% duration buff would still be bad. And I’m focusing on “feel” not on dmg meters. They just don’t kill anything or even apply any pressure.
    b) CHAOS BOLT – 369ilvl PVE / 411ilvl for pvp.
    In PVE most CBs hit for ~50k-60k , for pvp i’ve reached 85k in specific scenarios.
    In the meantime i’ve been hit by 100k+ kill shots? How’s an instant cast ability stronger than a super situational hard to pull off 2.7cast

  3. M+ is fine, pvp is in a “dont even try” or “pray you dont meet a melee opponent” stage.

Maybe I’m getting old, but locks used to be scary, not a training dummy for mongos.
I had all classes 60 prev exp, when i saw lock in PVP i cheered, just a punching bag, 0 stress 0 challenge to kill.

gl in gaming

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