My account was locked for no reason?

My account was locked for supposed “Suspicious activity”. I was in the middle of a twisting corridors run with a friend using empowered jumps to get around and I was forcefully logged out and I’m unable to log back in.

We were BOTH using these powers to get around the map and only I was booted and locked out. WTF BLIZZARD…


I was the friend in this instance and am still in the torghast run.
@Blizzard sort it out.

I pay for this btw, I was on floor 17 of twisting corridors which isn’t exactly the most fun of things to do in world or warcraft, I now have to go back through and suffer it again because of this stupid mistake on @Blizzard behalf. Sort your sh*t out and I’d like some sort of compensation.

Yea, no, you can forget about that.

Anyways, make a ticket. That’s the only way to resolve these kind of issues. Unless you received an e-mail with instructions?

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Nothing in the emails but it has sorted itself out now? Weird.

That surely is odd. Well, a quickly detected false-positive perhaps :stuck_out_tongue:

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