My Artifact weapon is missing

I’m unable to find my Artifact weapon anywhere in my bags or bank, I tried to search for it while my bag add-on was disabled

Try a UI reset rather than disabling addons, it’s not the same thing. You rename three folders.


I know it can be tricky looking back on older content and wondering where things are, but a quick glance at your character shows you may not have actually gotten any of the Legion artifacts on your Shaman.

It’s likely you started the questline for one of them and are unsure where to pick it back up, in this case I recommend the wowhead quest tracker.

You can also find a comprehensive guide on Legion Artifacts here -

Thanks a lot, this is very useful. In my case, I have already unlocked Broken Shore and advanced like 50% in the storyline. While in Dalaran I meet Thrall who says I have an urgent message for you…and apparently it’'s going to give me the guest “A ring unbroken” but the quest is just not there and I can’t unlock my order hall. My character is not boosted. It will be great if you can help on that

Blues don’t work in-game, while they can offer advice, and occasionally look things up, only an in-game GM can affect things in-game. Therefore you might need to make a full ticket and speak to an in-game GM.

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Sorry but it’s been said to you.

If you cannot understand this then, YOU HAVEN’T FINISHED YOUR QUEST FOR THE ARTEFACT. The bold is needed.
I can be les subtle if you wish.

Hi, I searched all my bags and still can’t find my artifact weapon. I am sure I have it but no idea where it is… :slight_smile:

You gonna post this on more alts?

I don’t think you finished it, you seem to have started it.