My character showing wrong stats


I recently realised my stats are higher than some more geared players so i did a check and apearently my stats are wrong.
In game panel shows i have 24% crit while Armory show 9% which makes more sense…
can you please check if this need to be fixed?
My stats on Interface:
My armory:

When you took the screenshot in game did you have any buffs, food, pots, Trinket Proc or in Torghast with Anima Abilities that would have increased your Crit?

As you can see mine are correct:

My Stamina is off because I had Armour Kit applied to my chest.

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Gotta love a guy who’s not afraid to show their bookmarks :smiley:

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My stats are correct.

Maby you did had a buff when you took your ingame screenshot?

Whenever i go torghast i can reach upwards of 120% mastery for example

ye i checked it, i also tried removing all addons…
another mage friend logged in and he has the same bug
maybe its somthing related to mages

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But I didn’t show my other tabs…

Just checked my mage and everything is correct. She’s not lvl 60 yet but all is ok

maybe the armory isnt showing passive boni’s that classes get on stats.

Firemage gets more crit from a passive, doesn’t it?

Edit: Found it: this one:

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Looks like it could be the Rank 2 of the spell Venres linked.

Just respeced my Mage to Fire and it boosts the Crit to 35% but Armory shows 20%.

Can male human mages really be that sexy?

this issue isnt resolved yet
blizzard removed this topic from support to general discussion
why is it so hard to get help from an official blizzard costumer service?

any1 figured it out?

The answer is right above you. Critical Mass. You learn it at like level 23 or something. It gives you +15% crit.

The additional Crit increase from Critical Mass is not calculated on the Armory for some reason either intentionally or a bug.

Iikelyhood of it changing, slim to none

ye but from 9% from 24%? its not 10% boost…

It’s basic addition and subtraction.

Its a 10% boost from all sources.

Any Crit on each item is increased by 10% which means your overall Crit will be increased more than 10%