My experience with a stalker and how Blizzard has been handling it

Why am I writing my experience with this stalker? Because hopefully it might give someone els the courage to potentially continue the fight that I am about to give up on.

Some context: this behavior from said stalker has been going on for about 9 months now. I have made about 7 or 8 tickets to Blizzard. Provided over 500 screenshots. Talked to multiple people that have also been targeted by the same person. A lot of people have reported the person too but Blizzard are refusing to do anything.

How this stalker operates: they have at least 3 differet paying accounts and at least 5 trial accounts. They follow me around the game, not just in Stormwind but places such as Dalaran, Redridge, Searing Gorge, Wetlands, Arathi and other places too and starts to use in-game toys to disturb my roleplay. She has messed up events and quite frankly a lot of casual guild-related roleplay too. If I put on PvP? They log over to their Horde character to kill everyone who has turned PvP on to escape all these toys.

Now how have Blizzard dealt with this? Nothing. No trial accounts banned, no main accounts banned. All they keep on asking is that I keep reporting and that they can’t tell me what happens to the person but seeing that the same person manages to still play the game after all these months of reporting, tickets, screenshots from the game etc I doubt anything will actually happen. All they keep saying is that I should keep using the in-game report feature or ignore the person.

I am honestly at the end of my rope today. I have a lot of friends on Argent Dawn but when you are constantly followed and outright stalked to the extent that the person tries to contact my friends too, on non-blizzard managed apps such as Discord, I just don’t see it worth continuing playing the game anymore. Nothing is being done from Blizzards side and the stalker is allowed to herass me day in and day out. And I am simply tired of it.

I am honestly at a loss. I don’t know what els to do. Blizzard does not seem to care about their own ToS that were updated. THey do not carae about the people being constantly herassed. This is my take on it since all I keep hearing in the tickets with the many screenshots are the same generic message from a different GM each time about 10-15 days after the incident.

I hope you all have a great time on Argent Dawn and pray that you will never experience the stuff that I have.


I’m so sorry my dude, that sucks that they have been allowed to just continue on to harass you.


Please contact your irl law enforcement.


I am not sure if this is the same stalker as the “other” stalker, as I noticed that that one has been released from perma-prison recently, too… and Blizzard never did anything to the two that have been harassing me (and others), either.

This is a persistent problem that Blizzard is unable, or unwilling, to tackle.

I hope they change their ways in your case.


Its the same one.

I’ll be real with you, your best bet is to post this entire process with you and blizzard on twitter or other social media because tickets dont do anything.

Also a CM will probably close this thread with some advice to make yet another ticket or keep reporting etc etc…


Going to go out on a limb and assume this is Tenebres, seeing the pattern and extent of this stalker (fitting the past posts about the topic). If not, and I mess up enormously here, I offer my deepest apologies.

Now, I will start off and say; stalking is not acceptable. It is a terrible thing, and I wouldn’t want anyone to go through this. But at the same time, I do (attempt) wish to speak some sense here, seeing how this pattern has persisted for so long.

Bringing this up at what seems to be a every-three-months ordeal, reposting essentially the same post in a different shade of despair and otherwise bringing attention to this again and again is not doing you any favors. No doubt that is the reaction the stalker wants (as is the case for stalking in general) but it’s also completely wrecking your (at a default) sympathetic situation.

But let’s not ignore/forget that this is not a one-sided ordeal. You yourself have been caught out fabricating, lying and openly refusing to take the correct measures to try to push this issue, preferring the cyclical threads and sympathy-posting.

Not to mention, you have also been caught out being a two-faced liar and going behind people’s backs to stir drama, leaking things or slandering others, figuratively throwing gasoline onto fires, and forcefully injecting yourself into conflicts you have nothing to do with. This, together with your lies about the (granted, morally in the wrong) stalker makes it even harder each time to feel much sympathy for you, and honestly lends credence to the stalker that this isn’t as black-and-white as you’d like to portray it as.

Honestly. Heart-to-heart from someone that tried to help you in the past. Either look to the channels you are well-aware exist, stop openly revealing who you are after brief periods on new characters, or take a break. This isn’t good for you.

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I honestly have no idea what you talk about. I am not Tenebres. Nor have I ever played a character with that name. If you want me to prove it to you somehow of course I will if you don’t believe me.

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I know this is a bit of a stretch - but can you give the name of the stalker? Someone I’m friends with recently suffered a similar experience and I’m wondering if that is also them or if there’s several people on this server sad enough to dedicate themselves solely to ruining the experience of others.

It is against ToS to name someone on the forums I think. But if you whisper me ingame I can.

Funnily enough FFXIV is soon going to overhaul their blacklist system so you can Thanos snap characters from your sight if they’re on your ignore list. WoW could use something like that sometime.

If you do genuinely want a resolution to this, post to Reddit with screenshots and such.

I’m not kidding, they read Reddit more than the forums and certainly if it gets traction you will get a CS response within a day or two if it isn’t the weekend. The key is trying to get out of the 1 or 0 upvote ‘New’ section where most threads die.


Vagueposting about it will lock the thread with the usual “Use the ingame report function” response from a CM. Just like the last 6 times Tenebres posted about this same issue.

Not to mention that if you decide to quit the game over this, or the fact youre using an alt account to post here, why would a forum suspension affect you?

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Blizzard moderation team is one big joke at this point. They are not just clowns, they are the whole god damn circus.

Really sorry you are having to go through this. But unfortunately this is the Blizzard entertainment. I don’t think anything will be done, unless you get some actual attention to this from the big people at Blizzard HQ.

The only way I see that hsppening is if a lot of folks in social media or some big influencer like Asmon were interested in hearing your story out and making noise about it.


Alt account? No this is my main account. It is this character this person has been stalking me. I have no idea who Tenebres is and if there is some way that I could prove I am not them I would gladly do so.

I suppose you are right with the forum suspension thing but won’t they suspend the entire account for breach of ToS on the forums? Like of course I could post the entire story with the name of the stalker and everything but I don’t know if I’m allowed to do that.

No. I breached the ToS at least 600 times with far worse and I’m still here. More importantly any forum account action has 0 effect on your account, unless you do something so grievous ingame that Blizzard terminates your account permanently.

Frankly half the posters here have eaten a forum vacation for worse.


I was found innocent by a jury of my peers, I’ll have you know.

Jokes asides, Blizzard support is itself on life-support these days. Your best bet is probably spreading the process on social media and try to get some traction to your experience. And yes, it very much does suck that this is where we’re at.


Damn, I’m sorry this is happening to you.

There’s definetly more than one as I have had the questionable pleasure of seeing one in action myself for the last couple months. And he’s still at it as far as I am aware.

However, in my case, the ‘victim’ for some reason still sees that dude as a friend and keeps encouraging him, so I’ve honestly washed my hands of it and just simply retreated, cause I can’t do anything there. I wasn’t even allowed to tell the stalker to piss off myself. And given how said ‘victim’ has lately been less than stellar in their behavior to me I found my sympathy eroding as well.

But we are talking about a dude who , everytime this person makes a new character, is always right there with a similar character to ‘fit’ and they literally showed up every.damn.time. I tried to rp with this person.

So yeah, there’s definetly more than one at it. Has a ton of alts too but I remember most names.

Still, the OP has my sympathies, especially after having seen a stalker in action for myself, aswell as having spoken with people who have been the victim of one.


In that case making this forum post is about the worst idea possible.

I’m not blaming them, I get that it’s frustrating, I get that it’s baffling as to why somebody would go out of their way to harass them and their friends, I fully respect that.

But if they’re going to keep enabling their stalker either through forgiveness or sucking up to them because they want the bad behaviours to stop - then it’s just going to reset the clock on it. In fact it’s going to do more than that - the stalker is going to know there is a breaking point and therefore has even more incentive to push further and further.

The only answer here is to cut all contact completely and if the OP has failed repeatedly to do so, and has failed repeatedly even with the advice of others, well…

You can’t help someone who isn’t willing to help themselves. You can feel bad for them, sure, you can say they don’t deserve it - but at some point it’s not worth continuing to try and offer assistance.

I think you are confusing something, and if it was not clear from my post, then that’s on me. But the ‘victim’ I am speaking of is -NOT- the OP of this post, seeing as I do not know OP. It’s someone else whose name I’ll keep to myself. As I am also assuming the stalkers are not the same persons.

I simply put my example to show that there is definetly more than one stalker on the loose on AD.