My friend is hacked, 7 days zero reply from Blizzard - this is outrageous!

One of my best ingame friends has been hacked, he has been waiting for 3 days now!
What is this lack of care from support! Code word hacked insta reply hello???

ticketnumbers: EU93670933 and EU93695969


Well Microsoft(blizzard) whatever is in charge now, is to busy making new games and saving money so ofc game masters are getting outsourced so getting a reply in decent time is like winning lotto, u know the thing harder to win then being struck by lightning, even in there how did u find our reply survey, they have taken out how did you find the reply time, so ya they suck

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Waiting 3 days without a response is crushing someone’s spirit. Please help my fellow guildie out so he can relax and look at what they lost.

I can’t imagine what he’s going through atm, but i wouldn’t want it to happen to me or any other gamers.

Authenticator on the account but still got hacked.

And the guild members saw all of his characters log in and out, so there was some form of data that shows his account has been accesed from another place. Why didn’t the authenticator make sure that didn’t happen?

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Blizzard used to care, they used to reach out in game and message us to help any problem. Now it seems like they dont care and care more about money. When you make a ticket, it takes ages and often isnt sorted, so you have to reply and wait again… Being hacked should be a prior! This should not take 3 days! We pay money every month for this game! If you caref more, you wouldnt lose so many lovely people from the game… Blizzard please sort this out and bring back what it used to be like.

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I have a same problem with your friend nearly 3 days passed and there is no response from customer service. I thought i was alone but now i have been persuaded customer service really doesn’t care…


Day 4 is a fact… They really do not care at all !

day 7 nothing yet insane

A whole week no reply!!!

Resolved. Gold not returned to him however…

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