My issues with 10.1 & wow in general

Thats a really far fetched “technically”.


Dont be ridiculous.

You and half a dozen of your fabois flag a post and over zealous mods complete the ban for ridiculous reasons.

I got banned for simply voicing my opnion on a matter that was contrary to what people in the thread were saying , believing and feeling.

First amendmend rights do not apply here and simply voicing ones’ opinion is reason enough to get banned even though what i said was in no way , shape or form, either offensive nor reason enough to get a ban. Yet it happened

That ban was enough for me to unsub and they should count their lucky stars i am even back to play this overtuned dungeon game.

Luck has it that this content is not enough this time to keep me playing beyond the paid for sub time. It is just not catchy enough and dungeons are stupidly difficult/over tuned.

The things that kept me playing wow in the past are no longer there it seems. So i find myself attempting to complete older content instead. Once i get bored of that i think my two months will be over and i can move on to something else i guess…


I’m a fab boi? Why thank you.

Correct - because we’re not in the US, and the amendment dont apply to non-americans.

I’m pretty sure they’d be fine without you - so would other players, I think.

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When I’m queued for content I tend to be out in the world doing things. Unless I’m busy in the capital with professions or something.

Do you just afk in Valdrakken, or did you mean the new hub Loamm?

With things like M+ and Raiding we physically travel to the raid or dungeon. However if I’m looking for a pug I’m most likely going to be somewhere convenient while browsing the listings.

What would you like to see happen?

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Why should it? Its the EU forums. US law has no power here in general. And even then the first amendment has no power as this is a private forum where its reach does not extend to.


I’m not willing to derail this discussion with people’s silly claims. So I will clarify this just one last time.

Any member of the forums can flag posts they feel break the rules. Once a post receives five flags then it will be buried. A buried post doesn’t mean the poster did anything wrong. A moderator will review the reports and take any action if appropriate. No one can get you banned. Being flagged is not the same thing as being given a timeout.

You should get an email confirming your time out and what the offense was so you can learn from your mistakes. There was a time these were going missing. It is also possible to appeal a ban if you feel it was unjust.

Having a different opinion is not grounds for any action, however the most common offense we see is people circumventing the language filter to get swear words through, and personal attacks.

If you are unsure you can read up here:-


That is the case since TBC. Even Vanilla but alas the leveling back then was part of the main game.

Wotlk had the infamous “mammoth train” because people were just sitting in Dalaran all day.


But I am your fanboi thooo…

Notice meeeee

no i meant like the only relevant content is hub-based content. endgame is about pvp , raid and m+. trivial stuff is there but it’s not part of the gearing journey since it has an upgrade limit . you can do rare farming, wqs etc. but after a week or two it becomes either m+ or raids if you want to continue your gearing.
wow is not any different than non-open world hub based mmos like lost ark atm. you queue/tp to the instance, do it, wait to do it again and continue with the loop.

i mostly wait at valdrakken like many other players do because there isn’t anything else i can do that’s not trivial

i don’t want to sound like a classic andy so i didn’t include leveling but at least world bosses could help with gearing, right now if you start doing 11s which became easier with 10.1, you don’t have anything in open world that can help you.

why do they bother with creating great open world maps when end game content is just about hubs that we enter

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you have stumbled upon quite a troubling thing here. as a fellow highly esteemed intellectual, the sting of being silenced like you and Breaths is not unknown to me. people fear that which they do not understand and lash out against it so in an online setting like this they silence us with the tools they have. but never give up and always keep trying to spread the truth even as hard as it may be for people to hear. you are certain to get through to someone and each mind counts.


i actually don’t blame people here because you can’t control them but blizzard telling me that i got the appropriate punishment which was because i got tagged as a troll is annoying i mean we had a mutual conversation where we couldn’t agree for a whole thread but at the end of the day that button got abused and blizzard let it , that’s what annoys me. i have never trolled anyone on this forum , i could get it if i got banned for harrassment , even tho it’s not what i did either the other party could be offended but getting labeled as a troll made me real mad. that’s why i won’t spend as much time here anymore since i don’t enjoy the game’s current state either, i shouldn’t be worried about getting tagged as a troll and banned while i created this topic.

now this post is flagged and i got a warning that will probably cause another ban, can’t believe this . really . i literally told them i am not mad why the hell did i get flagged again, this one was for harrassing i guess. wish i just let them stay ignored. can’t believe you guys. this is my cue to leave this forum for GOOD and stop playing the game i guess.

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I didn’t flag you but if you’re worried just remove the line about the ban.

What makes you think i meant you personally? Did i touch a nerve orsomething.

Did i mention you are personally address you? No. So take a chill pill and clam down. Go back to playing your game

edited it and made my intention clear, sorry if it offended you but still i am very done with this forum and the game after this.

Discussing a bann is against the ToS. So strictly speaking its against the rules. Mainly you stating it was an unnecessary bann. Regardless of true or not.

well it can be against tos but why would anyone flag me for saying that ? i honestly don’t understand how people use that button for everything. and it was reported as ‘’ trolling ‘’ again.

also in CoC it says
‘’ Discussing Disciplinary Actions

This category includes:

  • Creating posts or threads to discuss disciplinary actions taken against a player, including chat logs and email correspondence between a player and a Game Master (GM)
  • Creating posts or threads to discuss disciplinary actions taken against a character or account on the forums

If a player is found to have participated in such actions, they will:

  • Be given a temporary ban from the forums, depending upon severity’’

i did not create the topic to discuss it, i just informed what happend and i am not mad, yes it apparently turned into a ban discussion but that’s not in my control

I didn’t flag you, I’ve just tried to redirect the convo back to the actual subject matter.

I never hold grudges, it’s a forum, we can all be adults :slight_smile:

Havent said you did create a thread specifically for it. But your post included it and you voiced that you found it unjustified. That does fall into the discussion part even if you dropped it straight afterwards.



i get it but i still did not troll anyone with that post so still don’t get the flag, anyways, doesn’t matter anymore, thanks for explaining tho