My journey to 60. Thank you for a great realm & community

Hello everyone, I just want to share some things from the bottom of my heart with the community.

I’m not a RP player at all. I always played on a PvP realm back in vanilla.
I chose this realm, because I was eager to play the game without any queue’s in the first week.

The connections and friends I made through my journey of reaching 60, killing the sister of Nefarian and bringing down the Fire Lord to ashes, has been ABOVE AND BEYOND EXPECTATION’S. Thanks to you guys.

I was expecting it to be like retail, and from my experience leveling an alt on Firemaw EU. It is exactly like retail on those PvP realms. Thank god I pushed through and leveled my first character on this realm.

I have some special thanks to a couple of people I met on my journey that either gave me a true vanilla feeling or helped me on the way to 60.

  • Anaredia (UD Warlock) For helping me kill Nightlash @ level 10.

  • Kage (Dwarf Paladin) for my first PvP experiene in Ratchet @ level 18

  • Kruttrutt, Savjin, Drertunk and Alakvalto for my first wipe in WC @ level 22

  • Ora (Troll Shaman) First guy who /waved at me in the air when we flew at the same time from Crossroads.

  • Durak, Ferumbas, Fernan and Scamander for my first SM GY run @ level 29

  • Argor (Troll shaman) My first true RP experience during an escort quest in thousand needles @ level 30

  • Shermen (Human warrior) cooperating to kill Tethis, elite raptor in STV @ level 38

  • Vordread (Human Paladin) Helping me kill Freebooters in Tanaris so I could AOE grind in peace @ level 45

  • My first Sunken Temple run @ level 51 - Durak, Arrowprox, Nocturnal, and Lithielara

  • My first full guild dungeon-run in ST - Durak, Arrowprox, Dunderhead and Kokobaroko for @ level 51

  • My first BRD run @ level 52 -Dunderhead, Moonatar, Gabbryne and Toast.

  • My first UBRS run @ level 58 - Ackaly, Amerai, Deamin, Durak, Ghostflame, Nazz, Plastiksværd, Putris, Scamander.

  • My first Scholo run @ level 58 - Akhra, Artemas, Bellenox and Forang.

  • My last dungeon run as level 59 in Scholo and everyone rolled 60 on an item - Dunderhead, Fluketempest, Ackaly and Bainehoof.

Thank you for a great realm and community :blush: see you in Azeroth


The hydrated server is great, for the most part. We do have a few rotten apples but not many. Glad you enjoyed your journey to lvl 60, now enjoy the gearing up experience!

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How is the population on the Horde side?

Healthy, and anything beyond that is subjective. There’s less players on Horde but enough to be able to find dungeon groups and stuff quickly enough, there’s raiding on Horde side, and a fair amount of rp and rpers also. On top of that at some point most people will probably have characters on both factions, which is possible on a pve server.

to be honest, I don’t really know anymore now. I mostly raid and do stuff with my guild.
When I first hit 60, 3 weeks ago, it was a serious drought on Tanks, seems like it is much better now but people tend to only play with guildies it seems.

I’ve had nothing but good experiences here so far. Here’s hoping it stays that way!

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