My realm is very quiet

Currently, /who 1-70 and there are 18 players online on Flamelash.

I wonder. Would you play on a Low / Med pop server with your mates, or re-roll to a high pop in this instance?

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I play on Gehennas the most populated server EU (PvP wise) and i noticed that the barrens chat is dead 24/7. PPL do not spam trash or toxic comments, nobody wants to interact. The LFG chat is absolute garbage but barrens chat is quiet as a cricket that feels in danger.

Its a sad story overall.

But /World and /LFG on Gehennas are quite wild at this time of morning. That’s great to see, /who is full of players on almost every level

yea but its just dungeon spam. Like there is no interaction at all. You actually have to install that weird lfg addon to even keep up.

Its not like people are talking. They just spam what they need for a dungeon or what dungeon they want to do and what spec.

Didn’t Flamelash die in p2 of Classic?


It did and Horde started transfering, because “Insane Blizzard let Alliance to get away”.
They just forced minority faction to transfer/quit and then transfered themselves to balanced server to form new majority and repeat their server destructive cycle again.


Not advice.

I would reroll, because for me the main thing about WoW is group content. Also, a low pop PvP server sounds very volatile, someday it might be peaceful, someday it might be helpless ganking.
If there is a solid group of friends, I could log in to play with them. Being 48 sounds like a lot of work to do, though, and you’re about 40% into the leveling process as far as my math processor says (43 or 47 was halfway classic, BC is roughly below half).

Playing on a very silent PvE realm has its advantages, however - hardly any bots, meaning you can play, farm and all that peacefully, immersively, playing the self-sufficient game without reasonable market. Like a single player game. With a few friends around, it has a potential to be the best of both worlds.

Playing on mega servers has very little downsides since there are enough layers to accommodate all people and you don’t have to fear losing players over time, big servers like Gehennas had the most stable population ratio

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Lul you need to join /world chat and /lfg its like twitch chat

The game is so riddled with bots bugs cheats exploits and Rsoles that playing without friends would be a big no-no for me.

Ours went a bit quieter these weeks but if given a good topic, LFG fills with chatter on both sides of the pitch. There aren’t that many haters, luckily, which is a good thing :smiley:

Hydraxian - Horde

10 storms ally side is dead for a while (since naxx launch). Horde side is dying now too. I dont recommend to play on dead servers.

1 month on and there’s no Blizzard news :slight_smile:

On the Alliance side. A PvP realm with hardly any alliance is at best a meme and at worst a Cliché.

WoW Logs has registered 132 players in total on the realm either way.

Whereas, Gehennas is at 13.3k, PY Village is at 8.3.

Why aren’t they allowing us free transfers?

You can leave, but since you are just level 48 I suggest starting a character on a full realm, btw, that realm has never been very full to start with, so basically, if you wanted more people, you should have started somewhere else.

Blizzard only give free transfers TO empty realms, so why is very obvious.

hows Hydrax horde btw?

U gotta swallow this one unfortunately. Many people already migrated back in P3 Vanilla Classic due to declining numbers. I migrated from Judgement for example.

anything that isnt full is considered dead now days (apart from pve realms)

Hydra too went somewhat quieter, maybe because of leavers left and right, but my guild, Sparks, is a good place for now.