My Server is Empty?

Got a subscription after not playing for a year. Very disappointed my server only has 8 people online?

Any way I can get a refund, don’t want to pay 19 pounds to change server.


i doubt that you can get a refund thru them, but if u got time and money go sue them at the better bussiness bureau or ur consumer’s security ministry or whatever similar you have, they market this game as an mmo, if ur server is dead u can sue for false advertisement and failure to procure services you payed for

Are you on a server that has the option for a free character migration?

If not, you can open a ticket and ask for a refund. If you haven’t played your character since subscribing, they may actually refund you. Jagex did that for me when I played OSRS. That said, we all know that Blizzard have garbage tier customer service.

Barring that, you can contact your bank or which other payment service you used.

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if you cancel a payment thru ur bank blizz bans you untill you repay that payment, keep that in mind

Alright, save that for when you intend to quit and never come back. ^^

I would bet it’s not empty just heavily stacked in favour of one faction. Unless it’s era of course.

Make Gehennas Horde only server. Send every alliance player on a lifeboat out of there please

As you still are allowed to logg in to “full” server by buying the licence to logg in, you will not have any success by sueing them.

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Check whether you’re eligible for a free transfer and then check before you decide

Assuming this is the char he refers to, he’s Horde on Earthshaker and basically s. outta luck.

how do u check this? I got an alliance on a dead realm

My Alliance is on Razorgore, there are 8 people online. Incredible that Blizzard gives transfer to that lmao.

They did the same with the first set of free transfers with Noggenfogger. NF went from 4k pop to 1k in the space of a week, then Blizzard opened free transfers TO Noggenfogger instead of away from it.

Then the population dropped down to 360 and Blizzard finally opened transfers away from Noggenfogger.

Noggenfogger was overall population though, Razorgore still has a high Horde population I think. Blizzard don’t really care about faction balance, so it’ll be funny to see how Wintergrasp plays out.

Don’t try to seek some complicated well-thought process behind giving free transfers.

It is actually very simple. They look on their own “Realm status list” and just give free transfers to all serves that are labeled as “LOW”. That’s mono-faction realms such as Gehennas and dead realms such as Razorgore got no free transfers (it is labeled as medium even now).

Edit: Razorgore is now listed as Low. If the status stays like that till next transfer wave, it will get free transfers.

big bobby kotick pls let me out of my previously loved Mograine.
no, i don’t have any more money for you, i pay monthly, and there aren’t even enough players to raid with…

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