Mythic +Alliance side

I was wondering why is there no high keys even on fortifed on alliance side on this server, and does any1 from horde knows if there is more and which servers are colapsed within the finder, literaly i see on some streams and on the horde sides that there is always high keys 20 + on good weeks. Thanks in advance

The LFD is not server bound, you can group with people from realms not connected to yours.

With that said, a whole lot of players are flocking to the horde side because there’s so very few left doing keys past +15 on alliance side. I recently faction changed my paladin over, and the grass is much greener on the other side.

There’s about 5-6 times more groups on horde side at pretty much any given time, for any given key level. Furthermore, while I have a hard time of even spotting a 18 or higher key on alliance side, I’ve seen plenty of those on horde.

Thank you i guess i have to faction change today, as i am trying to push but there is literaly last week when it was the good week there were like none high keys 20 + and i am into that. THanks again.

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