Mythic Dungeon International’s 2021 Global Finals!

Mythic Dungeon International’s 2021 Global Finals!

The MDI Season 2 Global Finals are live on YouTube October 29-31, beginning at 10 am PDT!

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There is already a thread for this.

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Or is it…?

Blues are spamming now?

You don’t need that last ‘‘Youtube money’’ you already

  • forced alliance player to buy faction changes
  • forced non-english server to buy server-swap

Nobody Cares about your failed attwmpt at e sports. Give US actual content in game blizz

That Sylvanas statue is showing an awful lot of skin.

Better turn her into fruit before it gets out of hand.

That’d require actual game developers. Currently, the people assigned to the game are gender studies experts directly plucked from Twitter.

True… we can’t have eye candy in the game, we’re objectifying the npcs! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

P.S. Illidan was born without a shirt on… and it shows. :woozy_face:

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