Mythic Dungeon International - First Dragonflight Season!

Mythic Dungeon International - First Dragonflight Season!

The Mythic Dungeon International is making its premiere in Dragonflight and kicking off with the all-new Season 1 Dungeons!

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Does anyone watch this stuff?


Sometimes. Some of it. Not always and not all.

Nice! How about fixing dogwater Holy Paladin? Fix the class tree? Remove our mastery? IoL buff is also useless. Lowest throughput healer BY A MILE.

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Dusk and Dawn must be removed completely, it’s just not fun.

That, that, and that again. This is the stupidest mastery they could’ve come up with and makes healing double ranged groups a lot more stressful than it should be.


Nice Dracthyr Trailer. This one is really not that hmm gud.

Gz to echo. Don’t see any competition in one team dominating all others.

Monka, perplexed are competition

Yeah :rofl::rofl: the only time they lost against someone was because they couldn’t find a bat in SD… ….
I watch them and I always cheer for the other teams.

cant wait for them do AA and have bird boss not spawn, followed by HoV where one of four minibosses resets to full hp, or Temple if a mage accidentally gets into mdi group and then blinks staircase and falls below dungeon

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Make gnome race event from Ironforge to bootybay - that will give you more viewers than your mdi.

Perfectly balanced lol

Rouge / Warlock / Druid / Prot war / x.

All teams.

Oh and grats on victory Echo!

So which mount and you we are getting this time ? Cause without those nobody watched MDI . Spectral Tiger ? Or chicken mount ?

Not any of those. Tho we most likely will get something.

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