Mythic Dungeon International: The Shadowlands 2021 Season 1 is Here!

It’s not a true M+ experience until one person drops out or they all start insulting eachother lol

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Every man talk by himself! This is my personal opinion…since covid hit and lockdowns started not even socccer/footbal i like to watch (one my passions since i was born) , if there no audience i just cant watch it , the sport i practice for years is also all stooped for months now , im a archer , no tornaments now , so this will be to me my first real sports event in long time!! cant wait to check it out today with my glass red wine!!
Thanks guys …not all is perfect but …wow is wow…King!

Can’t find anywhere, what level of keys they will do?

2, maybe 3

Oh wow, insane. I thought mb 0, but 3… idk man seems crazy.

I think +18 :slight_smile:


Can you buff anima gain? from 35 to 250?

thank god fire mages do about 50k+ dps every pull.
You got a great balancing team ggs

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Blue post about MDI but nothing on the current state of the game…

So nice of blizzard to show of their elite gamers, so we know who WoW is being developed for.

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