Mythic Dungeon International: The Shadowlands 2021 Season 1 is Here!

Mythic Dungeon International: The Shadowlands 2021 Season 1 is Here!

The Mythic Dungeon International returns this Friday, January 22, at 10 a.m. PT, only on YouTube!

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Nice, but can we increase the gear drops already? :sweat_smile:
And make non-versa gear drop from the m+ vault rewards as well?


Nice but can we have some incremental balancing?

Havoc is dead last in raid far far far behind the top 3 classes.

Mythic+ is completely imbalanced, the MDI will see the following classes:
vengeance tank + 1 disc priest + 1 mage + 1 moonkin + 1 hunter and IF melee are required in some keys then WW monk or UH DK. Thats it. I bet that is what almost all comps will run.

If I, a player, knows that, going by the thousands upon thousands of raid logs and what I and my friends experience in mythic+, why are you blizzard, with your huge ressources and tools not balancing better this game?

Do we really need to wait for the next patch for hotfix balancing? next xpac? Why are you not learning from the lack of communication we keep harassing you about? We need targetted balancing and not knob type add x% flat to classes. Precise pinpoint balancing. Don’t you have experts to help you?


They will also see a prot paladin, a gaurdian druid. As melee i think there will be a sub rogue also, they cannot stack classes remember.

More e-sport nobody wanted or asked for except for the people who might win some cash due to participating.

Stop trying to make it happen blizz, and stop balancing your game around it. MMORPGS are not esport material


Do you rember BRD? UBRS? Those were great and massive fun dungeons. But hey they dont really fit into your esport nonsense in mmorpg game so we isntead now have this corridor/1way based speed run dungeons.

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where are pvp fixes?
thought nothing can be worst than bfa


week 1 awc vod had 500k+ views last I checked. Just cause you`re an lfr raider / pet battler who is not interested in higher tier play doesnt mean its the same for others :clown_face:

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I want to see 3 melee comp vs spiteful and storming.

I bet they will manage it just fine. Sometimes i feel like those people play different game… Even numbers wise.

It feels like they are playing a different game because it is a different game.

I don’t doubt their skills, they are very very insanely good players.

However the environment they played the MDI in is an entirely different scene.

The dungeons are handpicked and certain affixes aren’t allowed at all, like bolstering, which shows how badly designed those affixes are.

For me I wish to get one outcome from this MDI, is that blizzard would realize that AoE capping some classes and not AoE capping the others has been the worst decision they could’ve ever take in 17 years of WoW’s lifetime.

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People want to know what 5 specks are meta this season to decline the rest.

Well, also hope they realize few things after MDI and AWC.

Its realy time to get rid of those affixes that are plain pain and simply let there those that needs to be played around.

I am looking forward to MDI, just because you don’t enjoy it doesn’t mean no one wants to see it.


So this is the reason we won’t see any balance changes anytime soon?

How long is it going to last? It’s kinda broken at the moment

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MDI means that we don’t see any balancing more (hello Vengeance DH).

Btw, I like how they show a Guardian Druid in the picture when the only Guardian Druid was seen in the very first MDI.

Nuff said.

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Perhaps less this and more fix SL bugs.

Looking forward what crazy things these people can pull off again :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

And i am pretty sure blizz can keep buffing underperforming specs :man_shrugging:

Dead game.

No French broadcast ?

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