Mythic+ Needs more rewards across all difficulity levels

So to start off, M+ is one of the most popular things to do currently in retail wow, as you all know. Yet the rewards are not of this time

Current rewards M+
(+5) Low level reward: Keystone master mount
(+10) mid level reward: Portals
(+19-21) Highest level: Seasonal title 0,1%

Idea of how new M+ Rewards could be more up to date
(+2-5) Lowest level rewards: Random recolour mounts (Like in pvp)
(+5) Low-level reward: Keystone master mount
(+10) Mid level reward: Portals
(+15) High level reward: Special Transmog gear (like in WOD/MOP) or an illusion enchant perhaps?
(+18) Higher level reward: Special mount (Like pvp has with gladiator)
(+19-21) Highest level: Seasonal title 0,1%

The rewards being based on a certain score per season would be the best way to put it.

This format of rewards would be better and more up-to date for the Mythic+ System, mostly inspired from how it’s done with the pvp system since many years.

I personally think it’s time to add more rewards to our beloved Mythic+ section of the game. What does everyone think about that?


nah… let the score be the reward. I cba pushing higher mythic rating. it’s annoyingly toxic the higher you go. I just like to chill and not to think i miss out on tangible stuff. I let the cringbois push top 1% - there is enough incentive for them… they just want to be the best at meta slaving.
And that’s fine.
no need to reward it extra. Maybe idk 18 crests instead of 12 after u time 15+???


Weird you mention top 1%. Its like you go out of your way to illustrate that ignoring the 99% isnt smart.


Ah yes, putting more rewards only 100 people can reach in the game is going to attract more people to it. :dracthyr_nod:


The game is already littered with “exclusive” and time-limited rewards that go away when their time is up. While I agree that Mythic raiding, high M+ keys and high PvP rating should be more rewarding, adding more unobtainable-by-other-means goodies to it is not the way to go.

Perhaps Blizzard should explore more seasonal QoL rewards instead of titles, mounts and achievements? For example:

  • A limited number of teleportation to specific parts of the world (think of it like the portals to dungeon entrances, but for other locations as well) depending on how far you have progressed (higher progress → more charges per week)
  • Reduced durability loss for equipment when in the content the player has excelled in
  • Extra season-limited bank storage that can store anything with its capacity depending on how much the player has progressed in content (for example 2 slots for completing Normal, another 2 for Heroic, another 4 for Mythic, 1 slot per X M+ score (until another 8 slots are unlocked), 1 slot per 200 PvP score above 1000 until 8 slots), with this extra storage becoming retrieve-only when a season changes until the rewards are unlocked again

And other…


Not fond of this, and that’s coming from someone who comfortably pugs to KSH on a non- meta healer. M+ has more than enough rewards already.
As of now we have:

  • a mount at 2k
  • a HC gear token at 2k
  • transmog options at 2.5k (not this season)
  • portals you get to keep around 2.5k, to put a number on it.
  • a very exclusive title for the very best

I mean what more do you want? Something at 3k? Most players don’t even go as far.
The gear rewards stop at a +10 so a lot of people don’t bother pushing beyond that, me included. Don’t make m+ into something too sweaty please

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I agree with changing reward system to more interesting stuff like themed armor or weapons or weapon enchant illusions…
but to just put a reward for the 4k rio people that is toxic
you get the title for pushing so everybody knows that you been living and breating M+
I would say it’s better for health of this game if a ordinary players or you call them average joes get cool rewards cause that’s what keeps you playing you know that one thing that looks cool

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Worst idea and clearly you don’t know the High end Mythic+ works.

1st of all Raiders are getting the benefit of aquiring the best trinkets and gear than the Mythic+ players… So 1st Raiders are having a+ in this run.(Like always . Look top 100 Mythic+ Raiders…Method-Echo-Liquid and all the top Raiding guilds.)

2nd Mythic+ is so bad that the current season in any dungeon you won’t find a ring with Haste-mastery (That’s what i’m looking right now) The optimization for gear in Mythic+ is far below Raiding gear.

3rd All of the Top Mythic+ that you wanna give more rewards are players that spend a lot of money to change race in order to have the 100% on everything…

Yes let’s spend more money to get shadowmeld…goblin launch or any boost+ racial just to compete.

At the end you wanna give rewards to the already rewarded ppl… I’m really laughing…

As long as its a recoloured cosmetic reward and nothing unique and exclusive; sure (a title can be unique though).
Otherwise: No.
Gear wise: Hell no.

Naa i kinda agree with OP.
Season 1 and 2 i stopped at 2k because i wanted the mounts. Season 3 i went to 2.5k for the tmog thing which to be honest was a let down. I dont care about the portals personally.
I think at 2.5k you should maybe get a different coloured set and not a tiny glow that was barely noticeable.
Personally i think there needs to be more incentive to push over 2k.
Maybe make the elite pvp sets avaliable through 2.5k or even 3k :man_shrugging:

The fact that many stop playing after ksm suggests there should be a further reward or goal to work towards. There is currently a ks hero achievement but no title mount or transmog set associated.
I’d like to see a ksh cosmetic set purchased via vendor and earned by completing keys 10 or higher. This would give many a reason to keep playing by extending the feeling of progression players experience.

I am playing M+ because i enjoy it. I am not sure trying to keep people playing a gamemode they do not enjoy is a good idea.


I say it’s the worste content becouse it’s timed and toxic, i just get the mount having a bad time getting it.

M+ is boring enough as is, i dont really want to be kept their longer than doing weeklies.

I mean, every content with a random group has a chance to be toxic because of different expectations among the groupmembers. It is obviously all fine not enjoying certain content. But toxicity is everywhere. The whole game is toxic. Luckily for the most parts of the game you can completely avoid the toxicity. People who enjoy M+ know how to do that.

The last thing high end content needs are more power gains. As a mythic raider I’d even advocate for removing gear from mythic raids because high end content isn’t meant to be farmed but beaten.
This is true both for cutting edge and pushing high keys.

Only thing I believe is that the gap between Keystone Hero and the 0.1% titles is too big.

Unless you’re super pushing there is little incentive to go beyond Keystone 10-12 because the gap is just so vast between 2500 rating and the 3800+ rating required for the next achievement and the small drop chance boost is pretty negligible unless you’re grinding them hardcore.

A new achievement at 3000 (even without an extra reward) would be a decent middle ground.


I’ll let you figure that one out for yourself.

you get as a m+ player

2 x titles
1 x mount
endless access to gear and upgrades
shoulder enchants

That is more then any other type of game mode.

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why bother about 0,1 or 1%?

glory is the reward