Mythic Plus: Awards, achievements and Ladder

Sorry for my terrible english language :wink:

Imagine reaching 3500 Rio score and reading on your screen: “Congratulations!
You have achieved the unique cosmetic set for your class and this awesome flying mount!”

These are my suggestions, please read and tell me what you think about it.

A) 1500 rio score: title + flames when you are walking, stars around you, shimmers…whatever.
B) 2500 rio score: title + you can choose a UNIQUE visual effect for your class.
Example: hunter’s pets take on the appearance of a 2 zombies (???), paladin’s charger spell becomes a unicorn that leaves rainbow streaks (What?!)
C) 3000 rio score: an awesome…AWESOME mount + unique title
D) 3500 rio score: mount, title, 2 visual effect for your class AND…your name in a ladder that you can find at Orgrimmar or Stormwind!

This game should have an INTERNAL ladder showing something like we can find in Diablo III, with the best players in the world.
Best EU Protection Warrior, best NA Restoration Druid, best EU Outlaw Rogue and so on.

I thought it would be interesting also to have mythic plus with…achievements.
An extreme example?
-Destroy 100 explosives and you will have the title “The Explosive”- (LMAO)
Then you could add “weekly achievements”, so in those hateful weeks with terrible affixes maybe we’ll play, instead of not play.

I also thought Blizzard could add achievements for high keys closed in time with YOUR Guild (you need Exalted reputation of course), with unique rewards for your guild!

What do you think of all this?


Im all for more rewards and stuff. But, and idk that for sure, if your suggestion is from current ratings standpoint…then 3000 is unbeliveably out of reach for most players let alone 3500.

I think these rewards for rated content are usualy very controversial. Because i simply cannot imagine if they did this :point_down:

The forums would collapse under the weight of complaints that these rewards are just a big nope for 99.999% of playerbase.
imho ofc.

No. Mount should be at ksm rio.

This game needs more design catered only to the top 0,1%


We already have this ingame?

1800 rio - unique transmog set (aka heroic tier set appearance) [yo have to upgrade it to 408 ilvl or something)

2000 rio - you get a unique mount

2400 rio - you get mythic tier set appearance

2500 rio - you get lightning enchant on your helm and shoulders

and at I don’t know what rio you get portals to dungeons.

you also have a ladder readily available at raider . io

only thing missing for me is that you can earn mythic weapon appearances because cannot convert weapon to tier sets

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