Mythic raider Elemental shaman seeks late night raiding guild

Name: Scottsham

Region: EU

Server: Draenor EU willing to move

Faction: Horde

Languages: English

Role & Class: Primary elemental shaman. Resto off spec


SOTFO- 2/11M
SOD - 3/10M
CN - 3/10M
EP - 4/8M
BOD - 3/8 M
Uld - 4/8 M
Ant - 8/11 M
TOS - 3/9M

About: Tweed suit wearing, whiskey drinking physics teacher with a big beard and bald head seeks other like minded individuals to raid mythic with. Current guild has had to stop raiding due to lack of numbers and trouble recruiting so with a heavy heart I have to move on to find a new lover. Recently decided that I am after a bit on the side in addition to the raiding so a strong M+ scene would also be a plus.

Availability: Any evening - 22pm server time raid start.

Contacts: Discord: Scottix#2212

Hello Scotix!

LHP is a 15 year old international social raiding guild with a long AOTC raiding history on our previous server Thunderhorn. We recently transferred to Draenor and are now looking for more people who want to raid hc/mythic or do m+ in a friendly yet competitive environment . We are raiding mythic on Wednesday and Thursday from 20:00h-23:00h ST, have a heroic FFA run every Monday and have quite a few m+ groups going every day. We also organise game events outside of WoW to have some fun together!

If you think this might be something for you feel free to have a chat here, on discord Lacuna#6529 or Bnet LacunaTCCL#2300