Mythic Sire Denathrius Tuning Adjustment

With a hotfix that is now live, we’ve made the following adjustment to Sire Denathrius on Mythic difficulty:

  • Phase Two now ends when Denathrius’ health reaches 37% (was 40%) or after 225 seconds (was 210 seconds) on Mythic difficulty.
    • Developers note: Our goal with this adjustment is to make Denathrius’ final phase a bit more forgiving on Mythic. We considered simply reducing his health, but felt that could be needlessly disruptive during his first two phases, so we’re instead opting for a more targeted approach.

This hotfix is live on NA and EU realms, and will be in effect for other regions after their restarts for this week have concluded.

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Great change. Never been in a Mythic raid while it was current content (or have done enough heroic to be competitive or get curve) and yet I’m happy for other people.

I dont think lowering his health in general would have been disruptive for any of the phases. Guilds are already afking during P1 anyhow and during P2 it shouldnt have been an issue as the mobs are typically long dead before he transitions automatically. I mean the nerf is fine but i cant really second the reasoning for the % change rather than a flat health nerf.

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