Mythic + Spam in chat


wether you like m+ or not the devs need to do something about it and change the way it works in some way.
Unfortunately i have no idea how…
Its pretty sad this game has become a massive plattform for either ingame or real money transactions to boost others…
99% of the general and trade chat is about boost selling…which is pretty sad in my opinion and indicates the way the game takes and its not a good one…
There has always been people who sold boosts but never to this extend.
Maybe reduce m+ to +1 to +5 and not 20+ lvls…
Design the dungeons in a way where you CANT chainpull and aoe every trash mob down like it used to be in older expansions.
This way people cant afford to carry a “dead” person if they want to make it in time…

Any thoughts?

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report them as spam and as cheating with text ‘‘sells boosts for dollars’’


I turned trade chat off in the end… got sick of seeing Freehold and mythic+ boost ads


I keep Reporting & Ignoring but seems like its like Hydra’s head.
You cut one , 2 more appear.

I dunno what else to do .
It was an addon called Badboy or something like that , gotta check if its workin.

Keep Reporting , there is still hope maybe.
Jk , Activision doesnt care at all since these bots pay their subcription.


trade chat is there for exactly that, trading.

i suggest you use /leave trade to leave trade chat.

I dont get some people, its like you go to Bazaar and you’re surprised people sell stuff. lol


Trade chat was never intended to be flooded with boosters. They should get their own channel… or get rid of it totally.


It’s always a level 1 doing the spamming anyway.

Maybe they should adjust how trade chat works, so a level 1 spamming won’t reach higher level cities like Boralus and Zandalar.


Well said.


Idk, I didnt play after Wotlk-Pre BfA so dont know what happened at that time but back in the days there were people selling services, not so much i agree but there were those

that works, like, ideally you could just remove trade chat and add LFG “field” for selling services, and then there’s also AH and all set up.

I’d then quit the game, and i know a lot of people who’d do too. selling service is how i get gold to get Sub and buy in game goodies etc. also buy other blizzard games and stuff there.

I mean yeah, its not pleasant to eye to see “WTS yadayada” in chat, but it doesnt make difference to me if its “WTS Monelite ore” or “WTS boost run”, and not sure if it does to everyone

it feels to me like people just use trade chat for unknown reasons, while its intended for purpose it has in name - trading/selling/buying, and then those people dont like seeing people selling things and services. just odd

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Just keep reporting it, if it feels like spam. Blizzards system autobans them once certain number of reports has been reached. You arent doing anything wrong, if you feel its spam when you report it.

The “banned” people can then request blizzard to remove the “ban”. It will result into extra work for blizz. Once blizz has to spend too much time removing these “bans”, they will do something about the problem or simply stop removing the bans.

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I used to report all those wts to help them get autoban, but ended up Just turning trade chat off, nothing worth reading appear there anyway


I am not sure if you’re against boosting in general or boosters spamming trade chat.

Do people still use trade chat? like i turned it off over a year ago and i don’t miss it at all, i would suggest you just turn it off.

I have nothing against boosting (probably a bit biased since i do boosts myself) as there will always be people with freshly dinged alts that won’t get accepted for a +10 and thus resorts to to boosts. Most of my clients have been decent players on an under geared alt they wanna get started on and then they buy a boost to get started. I occasionally get a well geared player that is bad, but just wants to get weekly. In those cases i do feel a little bad about those who see he has done a +10 in time and takes him for a group and then he can’t really carry his weight. In those cases we try to teach him the mechanics as we go so he can learn, but while still trying to just smash through it.

I think boosting is fine as long as the boosted person understands not to abuse it and use it to try and make people believe he is better than he is, which has been the case where i have had clients say “i know i am not good enough for a +10, which is why i just buy a boost” so to that point i think it is fine.

As from a boost POV i think it is more than fine. Running m+, or at least pushing, can get really expensive as there is no real gold reward at the end. And if you posses a skill, i think i am well withing my right to use that skill to make gold.

Lastly, if you make dungeons hard to the point where my team cannot 4 man it, then the average pug group will be unable to time it too, so probably not the best idea.


since Blizzard finds it legal, there must a framework established to make it convenient for other people:

1)boosters should have a separate chats and lfg tools to make their deals to not annoy other players.
2)boostee must receive a badge on armory where it shows his run - boosted run - to not confuse people that he is competent.


Trade chat is perfectly fine to use as a medium to sell products and services


Except one person posting every few minutes isn’t spam no matter how you look at it… yeah it floods cause there’s tons of people doing it but none of them are actually spam

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Buka. I could agree withe you BUT in ancient times i used to read trade chat for some good business (between a goldseller and amother) but now it just and uniquement sell boosting. A different channel could split the chat leavin to ppl who wanna search some good from ppl lookin of selling boost. (That personally cant understand but its their choice - to buy boosting)

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