Mythic+ Tormented Hero Details

We’ve seen some questions about the Tormented Hero title that was added to Season 2, and we’d like to answer those questions here.

This new title will go to the top 0.1% of player-characters in each faction, ranked by Mythic+ Rating at the end of the season.

  • This was designed to be like the prestigious rank offered in PvP where the top 0.1% of 3v3 Arena players across each region earn a unique title each season (“Unchained Gladiator” for the current season).

Season 2 will end with the maintenance period that includes the Eternity’s End patch. At that time*, the leaderboards will be locked, and a one-week postseason will begin. After we’ve verified the results and removed any players found to have cheated, the top 0.1% of each faction by Rating will receive the Tormented Hero title.

Because each region has different numbers of Mythic+ participants in each faction, the ranking required for the top 0.1% is expected to be significantly different between the factions. To make the faction rankings as fair as possible, we’re setting a faction transfer cutoff date. Any player-character that faction changes on or after January 18, 2022 will be ineligible for the Tormented Hero title, regardless of their Mythic+ rating.

We’ve also received inquiries about the current rankings. We will provide more detailed rating cutoff updates as we get closer to the end of the Season, and the Mythic+ tracker here can be used as a guideline until then.

*Please note that we have not yet announced the Eternity’s End release date.


Don’t worry, I got your back! It’s on the 8th of February, as lost Ark is on the 11th. xD


What year? I mean, the main feature of this patch was rehashed stuff from 2016 and they managed to screw that up 12 different ways.


This year… as our Lord and Saviour Google sent me to:

And idk about this game anything, just that it’s coming up. lol
Don’t read too much into it. :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. Looks like it’s 2.5D from what i saw in the trailer, reminds me of one of the Castlevania and DMC3 games. It’s free so i’ll try it eventually. xD

Cheated mean in snapping tormentors at start of dungeons?, its a big difference for people what dont do it.

I know, I know. It is tomorrow! :butterfly:

People were snapping in Atal’Dazar in the BfA MDI, live in front of Blizzard admins, and nothing was done about it. Also, assuming these same people weren’t feeling like gambling, they probably made sure it was okay in advance. In other words, it was explicitly greenlighted for the MDI.

So, do you really think they’re going to punish anyone for doing it now? Not even considering the resources it’d require out of a company that might be in “maintenance mode”.

I think the snapping of mobs in certain spots and the pulling of tormentors and bosses across half the dungeon with some very glitchy mechanics are 2 very different things.

For the recent Great Push event for example it was explicitly stated that pulling bosses before they’re notmally available in the dungeon would lead to disqualifiction. So I guess they’re aware of the issue.

I still feel like Blizzard will do nothing about this though, as it will be hard to track who’s doing it and who isn’t.

I also feel they kinda dropped the ball on this whole issue by neither fixing the exploit used, nor issuing any kind of statement about it. At what point can a player expect something to be intended behavior if nothing is being done about it for month?


Congrats to everyone getting the title, I couldn’t care less. Wish you spent more energy on the game, not the titles. It plays like crap.

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The game definetly needs way more than this, I agree. But then again how much time can adding a title realistically take?

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Blizzard should reward the best 0.1% of each spec. Feral is so bad in M+ that they don’t even win the Razzie Award.


Player complaints left and right go unaddressed for months but “some questions” for a top 0.1% title… that gets a bluepost.



good to hear that 0.1% is enough to pay the rent for all the devs

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the game definitely needs more top 0.1% special rewards and less FOMO medium engagement participation rewards.

In fact they need to bring back the FOMO of the past cause it is only making the game poorer. Nobody will admire someone who had those transmogs that anyone could get or get boosted to within the expansion.

Top 0.1% rewards encourage excellence.
Challenge modes, mage towers, curve mounts, etc only encourage boosting

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nice priorities bruver

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Its a game meant for fun and just pixels nothing more.


Blizzard spending all their money on M+ for the 1% - no wonder you cant manage to make a good game anymore !!

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It is not fun to see at some point like 2 in 10 people (or more) walking in in an awesome mog that you can never get

Thats why there shouldnt be content just for 1% of players its a waste of resources.
I do not admire anyone over pixels i admire people who help others irl and save lifes.

I get that sentiment.
I am just saying that between giving something to 0.1% for something ultra hard and giving 20% of the people something for doing a mediocre task and then making it not accessible in the future, the former can make be less bad.

Other than that, I am one of those who also think that one should have 100% of the game available.